Bubbles in June

What kid doesn’t love bubbles? My girls LOVE bubbles. M probably more so than R. And they love big ones! Don’t you hate how every bottle of bubbles come with those dinky little wands that you can NEVER get out. It’s like they purposely put it just beyond your fingers reach. And even when you do get it your hand ends up being dripping with sticky soap. And not only that but those wands make the puniest bubbles. Even the special wands sold separately don’t make THAT great of bubbles.

On this hot summer day my husband, Jason, had the girls outside blowing bubbles. They were laughing and giggling over chasing them, blowing them, catching them, popping them….. having a blasty blast!
They were trying to kiss the bubble and than it popped!
(This bubble was not a product of the wand by the way.)
But the bubbles were not big enough, not to my husbands satisfaction. You know how men are, bigger is better right? So his creative mind went and got a solo cup. The infamous solo cup. A cup with many talents. It’s latest, bubble making. He cut the bottom out and dipped the cup upside down (the rim side) into his bucket of bubbly soap. Then he proceeded to make much larger bubbles, much to my two little girls delight.
He might have even enjoyed it more then them……
And still, he felt a need to make even bigger bubbles. Especially since M started insisting on getting inside of one! So, then he goes and gets a gallon jug, cuts out the bottom of that and once again, makes these monsterous bubbles. I think he could have won a contest for biggest bubble making. Especially with what he was working with!

Finally, we made a bubble big enough for M to fit in. =) What a great picture huh! She wasn’t quite as satisfied with the outcome but I don’t think it gets much better than this.

My favorite part of bubble making……..

Those two beautiful faces right there =)


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