I’m thankful for….

All of the many many many many many many many many x’s 1 quadrillion many blessings God has given me. I’m thankful for Jesus Christ, He’s my Saviour and I’m so thankful for that. I’m thankful for my family, Especially my husband who is an amazing man and great leader of our little family. I’m thankful for two beautiful healthy girls. I’m thankful they have each other and love each other dearly. I’m thankful for my parents and I wish they could have been here. I’m thankful for both my brothers and their wives. God has blessed me with family and additions. I’m thankful for my niece and nephews. I love being an Aunt. I’m thankful for my in laws and how loving and generous they are to both me and my girls. I’m thankful for Scott and Nicole, AW, GG and H. I’m thankful to have them and the rest of our Georgia family to make this move so wonderful. I’m thankful for my friends back in Florida that have supported us and loved us long distance and made us so keenly aware of how much we mean to them. I’m thankful for all my girlfriends, my best girlfriends, I wont even begin to name or list you…. you know who you are 😉 I miss and love you a whole lot. I’m thankful that my parents gave us a place to live for 6 months and I’m soooooooooooooooo thankful for my beautiful home. I’m thankful for all the FOOD we ate on Thanksgiving…. heck I’m thankful for food! I’m thankful for the fellowship with Aunts and Uncles and Cousins that we had. I’m thankful for past memories and new ones that were made. Thank you Lord for all these things…. I could go on forever thanking You and singing praises…


Thanksgiving Eve….day…

Today I had some fun pre Thanksgiving crafts picked out. One of them required a pine cone which I thought would be no problem to find in our yard. They are EVERYwhere. However, they are really tight little pine cones. Like they didn’t fully blossom or something and they ended up not being useful for the turkey we were going to create. The craft got scratched but we did get some fun pictures outside hunting for the pine cones and various leaves the girls insisted on picking up and keeping.

Oh R….. you have such a sense of humor already. This is what I get when I say “smile!”

GG is always ready for my photo shoots. 🙂

M cooperates most of the time too. This one is definitely getting framed.

Theres a pretty smile!

Just offer the girl nerds and she is a modeling pro for ya!

This one cracks me up. I guess the breeze made their eyes dry out lol. They really resemble each other with those sqinty eyes and cheesy cheeses. I love GG’s arm around M, such sweet girls. 🙂

The craft projects weren’t a total loss. We were still able to make a beautiful turkey on paper …. check it out.

Aren’t they cute…. I didn’t get a pic of Georgias before she left which is sad because that girl has some skill when it comes to crafts. And yes, I made one…. I like to color and glue too!

Playground =)

We went to the playground today and got to hang out with some new friends. There are so many little girls for M and R to play with. I just can’t get over it. So obviously I’ll take lots of pictures of all these pretty little girlies.

Fabulous pre birthday week

sooooo, tomorrow is my birthday!! I’ll be 24, whoa! That’s almost 25, crazy. And my birthday has already started off awesome because on my way home from Crimson Graham’s South (Scott and Nicole’s) on Tuesday, Jason had picked me up, because it’s just to long and up hill to walk with two small children,…. wow, what a run on sentence! But you NEED all that information to get the whooollle story. So, Jason was like “Oh by the way, someone left you a package at the front door…. maybe it was Patsy…” Patsy is our sweet sweet neighbor and her father had passed away so I baked her a pie the day before, Monday. And I’m like “what?! A present because I made her a pie?? It was JUST a pie, and she got me this big bag to thank me?? Now I’ll have to make her another pie… and the gift goes on doo doo dooo dooooo, and the gift goes on….” sooooo I go to the door to see who the gift was REALLY from, maybe Nicole dropped it off??? I dont know why she would 5 days early… hmmm… I’m looking in the bag and I see a chickfila calendar, oh yeah! This is awesome! and old crocs…. wth??? pulling out the card checking out the handwriting…. hmmm, and then my front door opens and SURPRISE! It’s my mom and dad! I was totally shocked! Had absolutely no idea they were coming up. It was so wonderful to see them, HERE, in my NEW house! yay! Couldn’t have asked for a better gift. I love my parents, even after living with them for 6 months. =) Unfortunately they had to leave today…. but it was a wonderful few days with them.

Now mom, email me the pics from your camera so I can post them to this blog. =)

**Update** I stole the pics off her facebook 😉

Goodnight sweetheart welllll it’s time to goooo,….

So every night I read M and R a book,….. orrr 5, whatever. And often times Jason will serenade them with his guitar. M loves when her daddy plays for her before bedtime. And it’s moments like these that I know we’ll take for granted so I decided to just shoot a few photos of it all. The lighting was pretty low with it being bed time and all and since I’m NOT a professional well… thus the turn out.

M reading her “God” book. A classic that I enjoyed back in the day. R’s favorite bedtime book is the bunny book, otherwise known as “If you were my bunny”. I received it as a baby shower gift and just started reading it to her and I must say, it’s adorable. It has different lyrics for the traditional nursery songs like Twinkle Twinkle, Hush Little Baby,…. and they go with different animals like a bunny, and then a duck, and at the end a puppy. It’s super cute, if you have a 2 year old they’ll love it! In fact I have a video of R trying to sing the last song in the book. If I can figure out how to upload a video I’ll post it b/c it is simply put- the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

M and R’s room

So I haven’t gotten very far yet with the girls bedroom. We’ve been focusing on the main level ya know, but they do have bedding! And their cute big girl beds. So here are two pictures of their bedroom…. and of course be looking for updates because it will get more girly then this!

Don’t you just love the little nook for their toys. A little imagination station! 😉