Famine in Africa

So I’m sure a lot of you are very familiar with World Vision. Jason and I sponsor a child through them and also give other gifts here and there when we feel God lays it on our heart. I have always had this soft spot for Africa. Oh if I could scoop up every child there and bring them to live with me. But currently God has not given us the liberty to go and do that, so when I received this email today I felt like it was definitely a way I could help bring aid to those beautiful children and their families that are suffering so deeply. It really breaks my heart to think of a child Micaila and Ryann’s age starving. I copied the email below. I challenge you to pray and ask God if this is something you should contribute financially to.

Dear Sponsor,

The situation is getting worse for millions in the Horn of Africa. Famine has been declared in two regions of southern Somalia, and is likely to spread to neighboring areas if nothing is done to alleviate the suffering.

This is the first time in 20 years that a food crisis has reached the technical definition of a famine. Some experts fear the current conditions will cause more devastation than the drought that spread from the Horn of Africa in the 1980s. Already, more than 11 million people are in urgent need of life-saving assistance. Please help today.

  • In Somalia, 3.7 million people — half the population — are in need of humanitarian assistance.
  • In Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp, an average of 1,300 Somali refugees arrive each day. Half of the newly arrived children are malnourished, and many die on the way to the camp.
  • Ethiopia has the largest number of people affected — 4.5 million lives are at risk from the crisis.
  • Drought conditions are spreading into Tanzania — where 500,000 people are already affected — and threatening other nearby countries.
  Please help save lives in the Horn of Africa with emergency food, clean water, and other vital care.

Please know that if your sponsored child is directly affected, it is our policy to notify you as soon as possible.

If you’ve already given to help save children’s lives in the Horn of Africa, thank you. World Vision has launched a widespread response to the crisis, including emergency feeding programs for children, food distributions for vulnerable families, access to clean water and healthcare, protection of livestock, peacekeeping efforts, and more.

But more help is desperately needed to save children’s lives.

The Horn of Africa is unlikely to receive normal rainfall until early next year, and food prices continue to rise. Because World Vision has worked in the region for decades, we have been awarded government grants that can multiply the impact of your gift 5 times.

Join with us in praying for children and families in the Horn of Africa, and for improved conditions throughout the region. And please send a gift that multiplies 5 times in impact to help today.

Thank you for your generosity.

In Him,

Rich Stearns
President, World Vision U.S.


Praying and waiting (2)

A little update on the big ol THING that I refuse to name on my blog. (I don’t even know why I’m doing that but I JUST AM! 🙂 )

I’ll be honest, I did have a few “set backs” where I tried to once again convince Jason that it’s time. My time of course not God’s time, therefore it’s NOT TIME. Grrrr….. it’s only been like a month since I’ve officially began this journey and I’m already getting antsy. In fact I had a whole break down into tears where I stormed off to my bedroom knowing that I was totally in the wrong and talking to God about changing my heart and giving me the ability to think more like him. *I can’t wait to show journal entries later on once I’ve “come out” with this*

HOWEVER… I can already see the Holy Spirit at work. I can already see Him opening both mine and Jason’s eyes to OTHER possibilities and ideas. When we first started discussing the idea of this “………” we sort of narrowed it down to one specific. And because of those special things,….. it made the decision that much more OVERWHELMING. But I feel like God is revealing to us that we shouldn’t be so “picky” that we definitely need to be open and allow him and him alone (not our selfish, fleshly desires) to decide the particular path of our family. And he is planting so many thoughts and ideas in my mind, baby it’s a churning!

So, for this update, we are still fervently praying and waiting on the Lord but I am totally seeing him at work and I KNOW that his plan is going to be greater than I imagined. 🙂

Are you about sick of the suspense??? 😉

Boots on the fuuurrr…. ball..

Do you own a large dog? Do you have flooring in your home that could potentially be ruined by your huge dog and it’s paws and nails? Let me introduce you to Dog Booties by Companion Road Collection.

Quite the model right? I WISH I had photos of Jason and I putting those bad boys on him. Envision this, me straddling Jake who weighs probably 130 lbs. I honestly felt at points that I was riding a BULL. “Down Jake, lay down!” Then Jason trying to put all 4 boots on…. one of the times I was annoyed he HAD 4 legs. Fortunately the memory won’t be all lost, we had M filming the whole thing on our video camera. I’m sure we’ll get motion sick watching that! 

Once we got the boots on it was hysterical watching him walk around in them. He looked like a pony…. you know how trained horses trot, lifting up their legs high for show. It seemed as if these ridiculous boots just might be his ticket inside…. but surprisingly the XL size appeared to be TOO big. So, we decided if we were serious about these boots they needed to fit right. Back to Petsmart we went to exchange them for a Large pair and strap them on Jake ALL over again. This time he knew what the boots meant and was excited to get them put on. A little too excited. Refer to initial visual 😉

The large did fit better.

Jake currently resides in the garage. So he is crate trained. However that doesn’t equal “house trained” and so of course, he ended up peeing all over the kitchen floor. Geeeez.  And I hadn’t even mentioned the sprints I had to take him on so he wouldn’t be 130 lbs of hyper activity in our home. All this so he can come inside….. not sure if it’s worth it.

Look at that face though…. he’s so happy 🙂

iPhone Dependency

I suddenly realized that I am a victim of smart phone dependency. Eek! Jason has been trying to jail break my iPhone and he had everything set up and tried to add a spiffy SMS program and then it all went kaplooey. So I was about to walk out the door (to visit a friend in the hospital in Atlanta) with my sweet new jailbroken phone and of course it wouldn’t turn on. Jason suggested that I just leave with his “normal” phone and I started having these anxious thoughts.

“But what if work calls me?”

“I NEED to be able to access my email.”

“How will I know where I am with out my google maps?! What if I get lost?!” (You can not go to Atlanta with out a gps!)

“Oh no! All my friends on Words will wonder where I am!”

“What if I want lunch and don’t have my app to shake and decided where to eat? What about my Chickfila app!”

“Your phone doesn’t have Pandora…”

Okay I know, I’m being A LOT dramatic here but I’m finding out that I like my phone more for the the things it does outside of calling people haha. And I’m highly dependent on it. So here I sit, refusing to leave the house with out it, waiting for Jason to restore it to it’s lame original settings……. for now. 🙂

NeeNee’s package

My mother-in-law is most definitely one of the sweetest ladies on the planet. The amount of love and generosity that she contains is almost unbelieveable. Our children will never be deprived of anything from that woman, haha. She is a blessing, no doubt.

Frequently we receive packages from Linda. She’s always buying the girls stuff. From clothes to candy and LOTS of shoes. On occassion she slips surprises for Jason and I in them, like Bama socks and tee shirts, our favorite! Yesterday I was so excited to see that brown box, with a big ol label on it addressed to “M and R Graham”. In it was a few outfits and this morning they sported the matching ones to church. I can’t even wait to take pictures of M’s Ralph Lauren blue pen stripe dress. Soon to come!

As you can see I’ve downloaded Picasa 3 and have been having lots of fun playing with the different editing tools it has. Don’t you love the bright fun flower print on those outfits? I want M’s dress in my size!

I <3 pictures of babies

I’m not a professional photographer so you’ll have to excuse my “amateur” skill. I have always enjoyed taking pictures of my girls but I especially love babies. If you have a good baby you can pretty much get them to do anything, they always are happy and smiling, and I love their sweet chunky little appendages.

It’s a good thing I’m taking pictures lately of this little one because you don’t have to be a good photographer with her. 🙂

I hope her mommy doesn’t mind that I sat her on the piano…..

Isn’t she sweet? 🙂