Where have I been…..

I didn’t check when my last post was…. I’m certain it hasn’t been more than 10 days ago however I feel like I’ve been absent from my blogging world for like months, lol. So where have I been ALLLLLLL this time 😉 we actually were at the beach house, fortunate enough to snag one last trip before the cold winter season rolled in. I think I could make a strong case that SEPTEMBER is the month to go to the beach, providing there isn’t a storm brewing in the ocean nearby. It did rain one day while we were there but it gave us the chance to hit up the outlet and stock up on our Bama gear. Other than that the weather was actually perfect. Not boiling hot and nice and cool at night. OH MY GOODNESS I just had this picture of our last evening there flash through my mind. It was a picture of me dying actually. Me, the girls, and Jake. You see we went to take a night walk on the beach…. I hadn’t gotten to take Jake for a swim yet and really wanted him to have at least one dip in the ocean. Our friends, Brian and Erika, let us borrow a collar they used to assist training their labrador, who by the way is way more well mannered at 10 months then Jake is at 2 years. Course you know what they say, “No bad dogs, just bad owners.” So we’re trying to be better owners and help Jakey boy to learn some manners, back to the beach. I’ve got Jake on the leash with his training collar, and Micaila and Ryann. We have to walk from the house, cross the main drag with some help from the “WALK” light, and make it to the beach, all at 7:00 pm on a Saturday evening. CLEARLY I did NOT factor all of those things into the scenario when I began this little adventure alone. On the way to the light I told the girls, we’ll all hold hands and walk really fast when mommy says “go!”. We get to the light and receive our “WALK” signal, off we go…… well off me, Jake and Ryann go. Micaila stays behind, and begins wailing over the fact that she’s alone. Which I get, it was dark, there were cars, I’m yelling “Come on Micaila!!! Run!” as Jake tries to drag me across, mean while Ryann has already made it. THEN, as if all that’s going on wasn’t bad enough, this awesome training collar that our friends lent us, starts falling apart! Piece by piece, I have chain links just dropping in the middle of the road. So now I have one kid on one side of the road, the other child on the other side of the road and a 130 pound dog loose! You have GOT to be kidding me. Who do I go for?!?!?! DEFINITELY NOT the dumb dog! I’m yelling at Ryann “DO NOT MOVE!” Jake takes off toward the water, I run and grab screaming Micaila and also manage to keep the traffic stopped as my turn to walk is running out. Fortunately we made it all across but my collar was still falling apart and my dog is loose on the beach with all the evening strollers. And DOG GONNIT we made it this far we are going to the beach! I did eventually catch Jake and do the looped leash thing on him. He got his swim in and we made it home safely, thank you Jesus.

And here are some pictures that I did get.

I didn’t take many this time I know….. I wasn’t as motivated since I feel like we were just there. I DID however manage to crochet a few headbands, a beanie, and started 2 scarves, so, new post with those soon. 🙂


Fundraising: Another Gator headband

You would think I was a fan, but I swear we live and breathe BAMA FOOTBALL! 😉 Actually that’s a little over the top, but that IS where our loyalty lies when it comes to college football. I mean take note that I have NOT allowed the girls to model THESE headbands 😉 😉 I just happen to have friends that our Florida fans and one lives in Gainesville so she suggested the Gator colors and thought they’d be pretty popular with girls she knows. So here is another little headband I made. This time I did the Blue on Orange but I do think I like the last scheme better. I may make a little white flower to go in between and break it up. 🙂

Feel free to suggest what college’s YOU like. Trying to build up my collegiate crochet line. 😉

Fundraising: The Package

Since announcing my crochet projects I have received so much encouragement from so many people. It really makes crocheting that much more enjoyable knowing why I’m doing it and that people support me. I get excited every time I pick up my needle and yarn. 🙂

So this package arrives…..


My mother-in-law is a pro knit/crochet”er” but has needed to take a break from the world of yarn. So last week she put all her extra yarn and even some scarves she had crocheted in a box to label at work and ship to me.

Aren’t they pretty! 🙂 Well before she could get everything packaged up she had quite a few ladies show interest in her scarves and PURCHASE them. She informed the ladies of what I was doing and they asked if she could send the money to me!!

Isn’t God so amazing. He’s already provided our first donation and I didn’t even have to make the product! 

Because of the interest people have shown and just how much I enjoy doing this I started having a vision. In the back of my mind I’m always wondering “What will be MY thing? What will I do that will be for the Kingdom of God?” I know, I’m a mom and a wife, a daughter, sister, and friend. And all those things can most definitely glorify God. But I just have always felt like I wanna do something outside those things. Something specific that I’m passionate about that will bring glory to Him. And I think I’ve found it. I see this crocheting thing becoming big. I see us raising the funds to bring home our child and I see me continuing this ministry to help OTHERS bring home their children. I see this as a way for other people to contribute to His kingdom and bring home orphans from all over the world.

So that’s my vision…. and I believe in it! Now I just need a catchy name for this ministry….. 😉

Fundraising: 1st headband and flower

I was really anxious to attempt a beanie and I started to make one and because I tend to be such a “tight knitter” it ended up being REALLY small. At first it took on the shape of like a…. yamaka. I kept showing Jason and asking his opinion. He encouraged me to keep at it and just see what happened. So I continued down my rows, trying to stretch it out every so often and finally took a look at what was taking shape. It was a beanie….. but probably wouldn’t fit any human being with a head bigger than my cats! It was a quality cat beanie, definitely would not ever fall apart, lol. I decided to not waste my yarn being that my market will not be for cats. It was hard to unravel that thing though. I had spent a lot of time on it. 😦

So I took a break from trying to make the beanies and went for a head band. I had to finish something! And finish I did. I had already made a flower the day before and I was dying to have something to attach it to. So here ya go. 🙂

Oh I just LOVE having girls to model this stuff for me.

The head band is about 7 inches long, made with baby yarn, REALLY soft 🙂 Fits both M and R’s head so a 3 and 4-year-old.

First sleep over!!!

Okay I have to admit, I might be more excited than the girls about our first “girls sleep over”. It just brings back so many good memories of me and my very first best friend Kristen. Ahhh some good time she and I had between the ages of 4 and 10. I’ll never forget them. 🙂 And since the girls are at that age it just gets me all excited!!! So Scott and Nicole are celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary! WAY TO GO Grahams!!! So cool to see a couple that TRULY love each other. I mean you can really tell with them and it’s cool to witness. Anyway, they went out of town to celebrate and we got to keep GG for the night. 🙂 We’ve just been having a blast. I know I get to spend lots of time with them ALL THE TIME but this is the first time she’s ever slept here so it’s new and FUN and we’re loving it. We ate cake, because that’s what you do right?! And went to the park, played the girls favorite “pirate game” and came back to take a really long bath and an even LONGER hair drying session. I mean that’s a lot of hair between three girls! Here are some sweet pictures of our very first sleep over. Love you girlies so much!

The little cake monster being so silly!

Of course they ALL had to wear night GOWNS because that’s what GG wears. Take note grandmas they are lovin the night gowns 😉

Oh my goodness we are going to have our hands FULL!

I had to save the best photo for last because even though the quality from my phone was not as superb it doesn’t take away from how sweet it is.

Jason and PeeWee counting while the other girls hide. 🙂 I just love it.

Anyway, super fun night, really cherish these moments. Also, be looking for my NEXT post about a package I’ll be receiving. Really cool story that I can’t wait to share. 🙂