At the park

I can’t tell you how good it feels to get out of the house! The last few days have been gorgeous. 🙂 Today me and the girls took their bikes up to the park and they had a field day riding around the parking lot and having the whole place to themselves. One thing is for sure, if I could ensure that the baby after this would be a boy I would have another pretty soon after because Micaila and Ryann are truly best buds. They play so good together. I would love that for this little guy. Anyway, of course I snapped of few pictures.

Fun times with my girls 🙂


Ahhh… blue skies :-)

It’s been a dreary week for us here in Georgia. For one thing, the weather has been just miserable. I love rainy days but not 2 weeks worth of them. And the ONE day (Tuesday) that we got a break from the wetness and clouds this poor pregnant mamma came down with a virus. Talk about depressing. Then the rained returned. Puke and rain, what a combo! 😉 Fortunately, it all eventually passed, and today has actually been quite beautiful. Soooo I thought it was totally appropriate to get some photos of the girls outside while we all enjoyed the sunshine. It had also been awhile since I have taken more “candid” pictures of the girls.

Yeah she’s pretty messy but that just means she’s having fun 🙂

She poses herself by the way.

I promise you, the only reason I get more pictures of Ryann is because Micaila runs from me when I get the camera out. haha.

That sky is making a whole lot of people happy round here, that I know for sure.

On another pregnancy note, after my battle with DEATH (not really, but it sure felt like it) I THINK I am back to normal. Though I will say this little guy is sucking up every ounce of food and energy I have. I have never felt so run down during a pregnancy. I feel pretty tired all the time and pretty hungry ALL THE TIME. 🙂 Which to some wouldn’t be a problem…. and really to me it’s not except that I feel like we never have enough food! I will post some pictures of my growing belly soon, because it is indeed growing. I FEEL like it is way bigger than it really is. I already feel it’s fully grown ready to pop….. not sure what that means for when it is.

But I am still “glowing” over this little boy and wouldn’t trade any of these minor discomforts since it’s apart of creating him. 🙂


It’s a boy, it’s a boy, it’s a boy!!!! We can hardly believe it but it is definitely a BOY! I mean after 2 girls, and Jason’s cousin having 3 girls, we kind of figured it was impossible for this generation of Graham’s to create a boy but “With God all things are possible”, Amen and Amen! Obviously had it been another girl we would have been just as excited, just not as SURPRISED. And with this being our first boy, it brings all new and different feelings to the table. Gosh I can’t believe it’s a BOY! The ultrasound was incredible too. Sadly I didn’t purchase pictures. We went to this place, not affiliated with my OB to have an ultrasound done early at 16 weeks. I really only needed to know the gender and I knew we would get photos at 20 weeks from the ob so that is why we didn’t get any. They had a really BIG screen for the ultrasound to be projected on and the second she started scanning my belly it was like BAM-BOY! Even I was pretty sure of what I was seeing. After knowing our “story” her smile and face said it all and we just were beside ourselves that we actually were going to be blessed with a boy. I’m not even sure Jason believes it yet haha.

Here is an example of why it is good for me to find out before hand what we are having. If I were to wait till delivery we would never make it out of the hospital with a name. Therefore we’d be stuck at the hospital. HELP!!!! We have ZERO boy names. We had settled on Emery Kate, for a girl, but that wont work for our little man. Seriously, I want, I NEED your suggestions. Every time I pick up the baby name book I’m totally overwhelmed. So load me up with any name you don’t plan on using yourself, haha. 🙂

And when I go for my 20 week ultrasound I will most certainly post pictures of our sweet angel, who needs a NAME! :hint hint:

And congratulations again to my eldest brother and sister in-law who is a month ahead of me and are having a boy as well.

God is good 🙂


Tomorrow tomorrow

The day has FINALLY come, well tomorrow. Is it just me or does time slow down when you are pregnant?? 🙂 We’re going to find out the sex of our sweet little 3rd blessing. I am so excited! I know for some people waiting till the baby is born to know if it’s a boy or girl is the way to go, but I’m just not patient enough. And I admit, it probably would be an amazing experience to be completely surprised when you deliver the baby. But for me the planning outweighs the surprise. Every one is different but, when I can name the baby, decorate his or her room, imagine what he or she will look like, all these things are easier for me to do when I know the sex and in turn I feel like I just bond better. Not that I know the difference since I’ve never gone the other route. Yeah we can chalk it up to impatience. ;-)So, tomorrow is the day! Can’t wait to share!

Go ahead and post what YOU think we are going to have. I’ll give you 2 guesses 😉

Moved by music

In my last blog I shared with you about the book I now have finished (yay me!) “not a fan.” Seriously, such a good read you must get it! Or better yet borrow mine 😉 Anyhow he suggests a few things to “re-kindle” your relationship with Christ. One of the things he suggested was to listen to worship music in your car which 85% of the time I have it on the Joyfm. Tonight was a rare occasion where I was completely alone in the car, making a quick trip to Walgreen’s for some anti fungal cream. Yeah that’s right. Looks like Micaila may have ringworm on her leg,…. bummer. Anyhow, it’s not far enough for a phone conversation which is what I usually do when I’m alone. When I got in the car they began playing Natalie Grant Your Great Name. One of my absolute favorite worship songs. So I took this opportunity to belt it out to Jesus. Me, Him, and Natalie. I just LOVE songs that speak of every aspect of our relationship with Christ. My favorite verse in the whole song is “The enemy; he has to leave; at the sound of Your great name“. As I was singing to my Father at the TOP of my lungs when I sang that verse it really hit me. It’s something that I now am (RE)realizing, “YES! Satan has to leave when I speak the name of JESUS to him.” In situations when I know that satan is at work if I would believe and speak the name of Jesus, he has to leave. I feel like for the first time I believe that. It’s something I’ve always known but have had trouble applying from lack of belief. How awesome though. And then when she goes into “Redeemer, My Healer, Lord Almighty. My savior, Defender, You are My King.” He is all of those things and more to us. If you are a Christian, you better believe satan will be after you in some way, shape, or form,….. daily. But believe these words and apply them, you can find them in HIS Word. They aren’t simply lyrics they are promises from our God. Just a few scriptures I looked up that make reference to who God is and his power. 

Psalm 144:1-2 (NLT)  Praise the LORD, who is my rock.
      He trains my hands for war
      and gives my fingers skill for battle. 
  He is my loving ally and my fortress,
      my tower of safety, my rescuer.
   He is my shield, and I take refuge in him.

Psalm 44:5 (NLT) Only by your power can we push back our enemies;
      only in your name can we trample our foes.

2 Samuel 22:2-3 (NIV) The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; 
  my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,
   my shield and the horn of my salvation.

Isaiah 40:29 (NIV) He gives strength to the weary
   and increases the power of the weak.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 (NIV) But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

One more song that I heard for the very first time that is quite wonderful. Phillips, Craig and Dean When the Stars Burn Down. It’s brand new, so I couldn’t find their version on youtube but these guys clearly know how to worship too and it’s amazing. Check it out.

Singing Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power forever to our God 🙂 Lyrics from When the Stars Burn Down

Not a Fan

Catchy right? Well I didn’t come up with it, it’s the title of a great new book I’m about to finish up. If you enjoy and are inspired by Francis Chan I think you would learn a lot from this author as well, Kyle Idleman and the book “not a fan.” And if you haven’t read or even heard of Francis Chan (what is wrong with you! 😉 just kidding!) this is still a great book for anyone and everyone.

This book couldn’t have fallen into my lap at a better time. God always seems to work like that. On New Years Day our youth pastor gave a message and referenced this book a number of times. But for whatever reason I didn’t catch that he was actually referencing the book. I was totally paying attention too because I was intrigued by these stories he was sharing and I was curious of a fellow teens shirt that read “not a fan.” on it. But I didn’t put it all together.

I received a Barnes and Noble gift card for my birthday from Joyce, Jason’s aunt. Initially I thought “What will I do with this gift card?” I mean, buy a book? huh? No that didn’t cross my mind. I did decide eventually that I would buy a book for myself. Because I don’t have a lot of spare time to read I always want to find something that will feed my spiritual appetite. I fill my mind with enough junk that I really can’t afford to read anything secular lol. And especially as of late! I happened to ask my mother if she had read anything new, she reads tons of books plus she would know if my dad had read anything good. She told me she was reading this book “not a fan.” and finally the pastor’s sermon, the boys shirt, it all clicked. And it’s clicking even more as the stories sound so familiar. I’ll read one and think “Didn’t Kyle already speak of this story?” and realize it was one the pastor had read.

ANYWAY getting a little off track here. This book will open your eyes. It will present Truth to you that will be hard to swallow, in fact some may not want to hear it and may not want to accept it. It has made me realize that there are things in my life that really are not acceptable as a Christian and I try to justify them because I want my fun, easy, comfortable way. Kyle uses the analogy of a report he saw of a woman who claimed to be a vegetarian. She says “I usually eat vegetarian, but I really like sausage.” She calls herself a “Flexetarian”. Basically she really likes vegetarian but isn’t 100% committed. And Kyle goes on to say that this is how a lot of people treat their commitment to Jesus. “I really like Jesus but I’m not 100% committed.” You may not say or think that in so many words but if you are withholding anything from Jesus, that speaks loud enough to him that you aren’t fully committed. Kyle challenges his readers to examine their lives, their commitments, and he presents different questions through out the book that help you define whether you’re a true follower or a fan.

I will be really honest with you. Lately I have felt like a fan. I know there have been points in my life where I was surrendered to Christ and wanted Him to have my everything. But not lately. Reading this book I didn’t fit the full description of a fan but I most definitely did not fit the full description of a follower. I left off in the middle of a chapter one afternoon. As the day was coming to an end and the girls were in bed all I wanted to do was check out. Wanted I REALLY wanted to do was veg out on some mindless TV. I thought to myself “I’ve done my quiet time this morning, I’ve read my book, I’ve read my bible, I totally deserve some me time.” (Such a fans way of thinking!) I ended up going back to my book though. I truly could feel the Holy Spirit pulling at me. I picked up where I left off and began reading “So what do you do if you’re a fan, that wants to be a follower but your heart just isn’t in it?” Generally that’s how I feel. He writes “You want to come after Christ with a passionate pursuit, but the truth is you feel apathetic and indifferent.” And here is the part that really got me. “You don’t want to feel that way but you do.”

I absolutely do not want to feel this way. I’m human, we all want to FEEL good, FEEL happy, FEEL SOMETHING. It is so unbelievably frustrating to want so badly to be “on fire” for Christ but feel like you are just giving him lip service most of the time. My worship on Christmas Eve was the first time in a while that I had been provoked with so much emotion and love for my Savior. It was a sweet reminder from Him that He loves me too and wants me to come after Him the way He comes after me.

Kyle writes about how we should treat our relationship with Christ like that of our romantic relationship. So when it seems like the fire is dying down, do things that you did in the beginning. Kneel by your bed in prayer, sing loudly to worship music when your alone, read your bible daily. I noticed a lot of those things I really already do but I have been lacking in my prayer life. And I remembered a study FBCL did as a church and it talked about conversation with God being one of the most important aspects of the relationship. How can you have a relationship with someone if you don’t ever talk?

So, here I go again. 🙂 Time to die to myself, pick up my cross, surrender to Him. It’s not easy, no one ever said it would be and if they did, you were misinformed. Most Christians are familiar with this verse Luke 9:23 If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me. Kyle writes about how the cross was a symbol for suffering. And he states this provoking question: Am I really carrying a cross if there is no suffering and sacrifice? 

A question worth posting around my house as a reminder of what I’m committed too. So…. are you a fan or a follower? I challenge you to go get the book. 😉 It’s killing this fan and reviving the follower in me. Praise God!


Christmas Eve and Day photos

It’s crazy, the least planned and definitely littlest effort photo shoots go the best. Karen was able to snap a few great pictures of everyone so I was pretty excited. Micaila did well up until the last 5 shots….. the kid must have a photo limit….

oh happy family, pictures make everything look so perfect and easy. So not! 😉

I mean definitely worth it of course. 🙂

I know in about 10 years I’m going to look back on these pictures of Micaila with lots of tears. Seriously, not even 5 years old yet….

Oh my Always-Sleeping-Beauty

Give me a nice grapey kiss Riley 😉

My beautiful mommy.

Ryann and Aunt Karen. Ryann is already in Pajamas, haha.

Back at NeeNee and PawPaw’s, Micaila writes to Santa. Yes, Santa. Not a tradition passed along from the White side, is all I’m gonna say. No it’s not all I’m going to say, I’ll add this. Even though we do Santa with the girls, they STILL give all the credit of their gifts to NeeNee, my mother in law. I find this to be hysterical especially considering that so many others shower them with presents. I think it is because Linda (NeeNee) buys them so many clothes and such through out the year that they just think anything given to them must come from her. I’m TOTALLY okay with NeeNee getting credit over Santa. Take that Santa!

Pretty spiffy glass huh…. I know even I want to puke over it. 😉 No I’m lying, to move beyond my life long aversion to all things Santa I’ve learned to just embrace it for my husbands sake and have fun with cookies and reindeer food. Secretly I want to gag. 

Christmas morning- Ryann sees her new bike! Seriously, it was BOUT TIME some one got this kid a new bike. (Thank you Aunt Karen !!!!) Because this is what we make our kids ride for the first few years until they are comfortable on a bicycle.

It’s considered the “race bike”. We tried to put some streamers on the ends of it at one point to make it a little more feminine. Obviously it’s very humbling for our girls to ride this bike. Never the less it was time for Ryann to move up in the bike world. Karen did a great job picking it out for her and she loves it!

It can even hold her new 12 dollar baby doll! A baby doll is a staple gift for every Christmas. I’m excited that the girls are finally growing out of the stage where they draw on their babies faces and strip them of their clothes. Thus why we don’t spend more then 12 dollars on baby dolls! Poor babies…..

Micaila with hers….. she named her Emily. After naming her Ellie, Kirsten, and Bella. I think her name is Emily. Poor gal, I know why she was only 12 bucks….. girl has a bad wig. They pulled her hair in the pony tail juuuuust right. Wont be taking that down any more.

Jason thinks this baby looks like my girlfriends daughter. Can anyone guess who?????

THIS is a key reason why I am not a Santa fan. Micaila sat on Santa’s lap and asked for a music box. Sweet right…. I mean at least she is reasonable and not asking for a pony. However a pony would have been easier to find then this stinkin thing. Who spent hours and hours, searching, and driving all over town to find this music box? Well it wasn’t Santa! It was mommy dearest. And after all that hard work, who in the end would get the credit, well it wasn’t me. I mean seriously, how crummy is that? This is why Christmas is intended to celebrate Jesus birthday not us getting presents. Because people like me stress out way to much over music boxes and get side tracked over what the day is really about. I would be totally okay with doing away with presents altogether…… but I did get a pretty sweet gift myself.

And he sings to me, “You smile I smile…” 😉 thanks babe! It was great until Ryann decided to brush the cat with it….. 

 That about “un wraps” our 2011…… 😉