I hope I don’t ever forget Saturdays like today. I wish Jason were here to indulge in them with me. Nothing exciting is really happening and yet that’s everything I love about it. The weather is beautiful. It was cool this morning but because our house faces the east the sunrise keeps the porch nice and warm. I made my coffee and we headed out to soak it all up. Micaila set up her chair and books and began reading,…… to Sundance and Trinity. It’s a new thing of hers. Friday evening she sat and, no exaggeration, read to them for at least 45 minutes. Seriously, they stood corralled around her as if they were attending story time at the library. They seem to enjoy it as much as she does, Jake too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then there is Ryann.


She is just now coming into her own ability and love for reading. Praise the Lord!


She wanted to set up shop next to me. What a treat it all was. We just sat, spread about the yard and read in all the peaceful, quiet, beauty of God’s creation. Well with the exception of wild man Caleb growling, yelling, jumping, running, throwing, and water gun squirting in our midst. Can’t forget about that crazy little guy! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Even his boisterous presence on this splendid morning brought delight and laughter.

If only you could witness him and Ramsey go at it. We might have a future wrangler on our hands.


After the quiet time I set out to clean the house and do laundry. Even the duties that normally can be so monotonous were abnormally enjoyable for me today. The fall breeze flowing throughout the house was so invigorating. Fall always has been my favorite time of year. Even before I knew what a real fall was I loved it. The kids were out having their run of the property. I love that they can freely explore and it’s so fun to watch them use their imaginations. The girls were dragging their baby dolls around in spring baskets. I can only imagine the things they were pretending. Caleb, just trailing behind them, occasionally reprimanding the dog or the goat. “No Ramsey. No Jake. Don’t doooo that!”
These are precious times. A good ol’ boring Saturday. Now after all the chores are done, we find ourselves back on the porch, eagerly waiting for Daddy to get home from work.
This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. 🙂



The Altar of Convenience

I admit I sacrifice quality for convenience more than I should.

Example: 6 years ago I received a 500 dollar DSLR camera for my birthday. The first few years I wore that thing out and loved it. Then came the iphone. Slowly but surely my camera was replaced. It wasn’t replaced by something better it was replaced by something more convenient. In my pictures I can see what I have sacrificed. Don’t try and blow those things up to big, it just aint gonna happen.
The thing about convenience is at first it doesn’t feel like I’m sacrificing or compromising anything. It feels like a BLESSING.

“Oh this is so great, it’s so easy and convenient! This will simplify my life!”

And sometimes it is just great,….. but I think we need to be careful because sometimes we begin to lose the quality of precious things.

When I discovered YouVersion it changed my quiet time. I could have my Bible on me at all times, read in every translation known to man, and have scripture and Bible plans fed to me. It is truly amazing. My Bible though, it started to get a little dusty. After reading the book Women of the Word and feeling inspired to REALLY study my Bible (for probably the first time in my life) I brought it down off the shelf. I also opened the NIV study Bible my dad gave me last year, along with a college ruled spiral notebook and a gigantic old red dictionary. Now that’s QUALITY. 😉 Seriously, when was the last time I read from an actual dictionary? I am a huge fan though. I have been reminded of how sacred our Bible is. There is something special about gently turning through those thin gold lined pages. Making highlights and notes in the Bible I was given as a young lady. Seeing and being reminded of verses that God brought to my attention years past. As much as I love it that’s just something YouVersion can’t provide. My quiet times have been more alive to me for some reason these last few weeks. It had me wondering if I was sacrificing quality for convenience. Especially considering how frequently I relied on the VOD alone to be sufficient for the entire day.

Quality or Convenience: It’s almost like passing up a 3 course steak meal at my parents for Mcdonalds if you get my drift. Okay, maybe not McDonalds, how bout Chickfila. 😉

You know when all this hit me? This evening I did something I’ve been making excuses not to do since we moved here; at the altar of convenience. I have wanted to eat dinner at our dining table. I grew up sitting together as a family, serving ourselves from separate dishes, eating and talking. It was a whole relational experience and I have a ton of good memories with my family because of it. We have a big island in our kitchen that has 3 chairs at one end. It is right in front of our stove so it has always just been EASIER to plate the kids up, sit them at the island and Jason and I stand around it. It’s easier for executing dinner and easier for clean-up. We are still together…. Inhaling our food not really getting in deep conversation. So tonight I chucked all my convenient excuses out the window. I took my pretty decorations off my table, called Micaila in to set it, and started pulling out serving dishes to fill.


And I realized I have been sacrificing so much quality time with my family for the sake of convenience. It was more relaxing, made for better conversation, and truly very precious moments. It was wonderful and totally worth the extra effort and every extra dirty dish.

If anybody loves convenience it is me. I mean seriously I catch myself all the time uttering those words “aint nobody got time for that!” I have to remember that I can make time for what is important to me. And I don’t want convenience to rule over quality. God has never sacrificed quality on my behalf and I am desperate to become more like him.

So here’s to quality!

And with that said I present to you just a few more random quality moments from my quality camera. Teehee. 😉


After all this time, one little surprise.

It seems like we have been waiting years for this to finally happen. I was beginning to think we were totally doing something wrong. In fact, I finally buckled down, went to the library and checked our 3 books on farming. One completely dedicated to raising chickens, called the Joy of Keeping Chickens. If you are looking for a book on chickens this one is excellent. Another book I read that was funny, informative and inspiring was Made from Scratch. I’m telling you this gal will have you in stitches laughing and ready to do it all from sewing to beekeeping, I really enjoyed her book. She made me realize that every “farmer” encounters loss and surprises in their journey.

So we had gone away for the weekend to attend a good friend’s wedding. I have come to appreciate weddings more and more with every passing year of marriage. It can be such a beautiful relationship and I’m so glad God created it. Every wedding is special but I particularly loved the brides simple and laid back approach to the wedding event itself. To give you an idea of how laid back she was, she ran a 5k the morning of. I knew I liked this girl. 🙂 Before the big day I had several conversations with Jakki and she said one thing to me that just made me grin and think “This girl is on the right track!” She said “I’m more concerned about creating a beautiful marriage than a beautiful wedding.” I just loved that perspective. They wrote their vows and even as simple as they kept it, it was still gorgeous. She was a beautiful bride. Her and our old friend Michael are head over heels in love and it’s evident they mean to take those vows seriously.

So anyway, back to the chickens. We came home at 1:30 Monday morning and went to make sure no one had been eaten. Because I learned chickens, under certain circumstances, will eat each other.

And there it was.

One little brown egg.

I can’t even tell you how delightful it was to find that one small gift. It’s like everything we have done for these feathery friends is finally becoming really worth it. I couldn’t help but think if Chippy were here, she would probably be laying too. :tear: We will totally eat that first egg in Chippy’s honor.

I was so proud of my girl Penny this morning I went down and started sprucing that coop up with fresh bedding and a nest of her very own. Later in the evening the girls were helping me and Ryann said “Wow, this looks comfy. I wish I was a chicken, except…… then I would get eaten.” 🙂  hehe. I hope Penny will take to the nesting box. We’ve stuck one out there before and it usually just gets pooped in. I don’t know what we are gonna do with her 2 possessive boyfriends though. Peck and Abney, the roosters, do not leave her side. And they will fight you for her too. I was trying to seclude her today to make sure if she lay again we would definitely find it. Those 2 feisty roosters were puffin up like ultimate fighters ready to take me down. I think it’s time we have them for dinner!

So I just had to share with you all that we finally have some eggs! Okay 1 egg. That one egg means SUCCESS in my book. Woohoo! Keep them coming Penny.