Daytona 500

Sooooo this year we got really lucky with our Daytona 500 experience. Randy was able to get us “Hot Passes” which allowed us to come in and out of the pits all day. We learned just how important these hot passes were when we ran into Glen Beck and watched Brad Paisley drive by in a pace car we were soon to ride in as well. Ahhh the life pretending to be a VIP haha. We were able to walk on the track, watch the pit crews set up, see the cars get checked out and basically see everything up close and personal. It was so cool! I got pictures with Carl Edwards car and crew which was cool AND the best part of the morning was when we were waiting to ride in the pace car and I was one of the select few who got chosen to ride in it! I sat up front in the new Camaro SS while we topped it out around the track at 135mph. It was INCREDIBLE. I gained a whole new perspective and appreciation for Nascar because there is a lot more to it than them just driving around in circles. We were given radios to tune into whichever driver we wanted to listen too so I got to hear all Carls strategy and understand better of what kind of driver he is. It was awesome to see him start in the back and end up in 2nd after all the wrecks that took place. Definitely the best Daytona experience ever! Not sure how we’ll top that one but I’ll certainly remember it forever.

There I am!!!! I wish I knew how to post a video!!

Those are some big ol tires!

And all this time I thought this part of the track was FLAT!

Carl’s Pit!!!!

Go #99!!!!

Me with my pace car,…. I told Jason he needs to upgrade to the new SS! haha. He predicted I would say that after I got out.

These radios will be a MUST at the races. I’m a pro now 😉

We kept bumping headsets hahaha!

I’m so ready to go to another. So sad my boy wrecked yesterday. Way to go Kyle! brrrr!!!

Thanks so much to Randy for always sharing his hook up 😉

A little update on this post. My dad sent me this article regarding Trevor Bayne after his win at the 500. Read it, it’s awesome! I also want to add that I love that Nascar still insists on having there opening prayer before the race. Just another reason why I like Nascar 😉


M’s 4th Birthday

So today was QUITE an exciting occasion. We celebrated M and G’s 4th birthday today. We did a paint theme since the girlies love to paint. We had water colors and finger paints for the kids. And then we also had a bouncy for a little outdoor fun. It was a pretty big bash and the girls had SO much fun. We have never really done big birthdays for the girls but since M was turning 4, about to enter Pre-K,……. she just seems so big and I thought it was appropiate to go a little BIG this year. So here are some pictures from the party. 🙂

My beautiful girl 🙂 Happy Birthday!!

Girlies got new bikes! 🙂

And here are some of the cute party decorations.

Party favors 😉

The party was definitely a big hit. The girls had a BLAST! I can not BELIEVE I have a 4 year old. Well unofficially for now 😉 I love you M!

I like Florida but….

It’s good to be home. 🙂 I love my home.

However my trip was fantastic. I didn’t get to see everyone, I never do, 😦 but I did get to see most everyone and I’ll take what I can get when I can get it. I’d have to say one of my favorite outings was getting to have dinner with my sister-in-law Jamie, Kelli, and Devin, no chillins (slang for childrens). We ate at my favorite place, Carrabas and it was just a splendid time.

Something pretty exciting happened while we were in Florida. Little miss R got her FIRST EVER hair cut. 🙂 And boy did she need it.

Trimming that crazy rat tail, lol.

Such a big girl 🙂

Here are some pictures from our walk down mom and dads street. Wednesday we were kinda stuck at my parents and were bored to say the least. BUT it was beautiful outside so we took a little stroll.

Finally I was able to convince some one to visit me! haha just kidding. CJ and Jamie and the kids came over. I just adore my neice and nephews. Baby R totally was giving me the baby bug 😉 K is probably the most handsome almost 10 year old on the planet. Look out Justin Bieber! And D….. oh that boy, he just cracks me up. Him and R are so funny together. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing them and here are a few photos I got.

Looking forward to our next visit 🙂 I love my sweet family.

Girlfriends part 2

In my last blog I was stressing the importance of our girlfriends. I know now how difficult it is to make new girlfriends ie: starting from zip. Moving to Georgia has taken me from lots of girls to really only knowing one female there. (And thank goodness for Nicole otherwise I’d probably have lost my mind already!)

I know though that the absolute best way to meet new solid women and form healthy trusting relationships isssss….. ATTEND a BIBLE STUDY!!!! =) I was so happy when we found our new church and found a ladies study I can attend. There is no better place than a bible study to start looking for a new gal pal that you can begin your journey of an open and honest friendship. One great thing about being married and having children is I find it super easy to relate to other women who are married and have children. At this point I can relate to ANY woman if she’s married and has kids. Before this time of my life it was much more difficult to find people I had similar interest in but now I find it hard to BE interested in anything OUTSIDE my marriage and kids. However if you are single or maybe just married with no children it can be easy for you as well to develop friendships with women when you attend a bible study. Because guess what! You already have in common your love for Jesus =)

So moving into some more of my favorite gal pals that I wish I could have brought to Georgia with me lol. One thing that stinks when I come to visit is there is NEVER enough time. It’s so hard to get together with people because my time is so limited and they still have life going on full steam. So unfortunately I just don’t always get to see everyone.

Here are some photos from our beautiful beach day. Kelli picked me and the girls up and we headed over to PassaGrille and it could not have been more gorgeous. It was so dreamy laying out on the beach watching the kiddos play.

I have such sweet little girls 🙂

Check out some of these places to learn more about the importance of your gal pals 😉

Beth Moore @

Check out Beth’s Blog!

And here are some books that I thought would be perfect to read! I plan on reading Grown-up Girlfriends. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Grown-Up Girlfriends

Celebrating Friendship

Friendship: A Women of Faith Study

And check out Dee Brestin’s website. She has a whole BUNCH of books and studies on friendship’s with women. =)

Gotta have girlfriends :)

Ahhh it’s good to be home.  So far we are thoroughly enjoying all the happenings here in Florida. I had a wonderful (to say the least) visit with my dear friend Kaitlyn. I am blessed with very wonderful women in my life and she is definitely at the top of the list. It was great to just kick back and relax with her. One thing that is beautiful about our friendship is how we can do absolutely nothing together and it be the best time. We talk about all the intimate details of each others lives, including marriage, our relationship with Christ, and everything in between, and we laugh hysterically. It’s vital for women to share this kind of relationship with each other and I praise God I have this kind of friendship. I’ve been listening to Beth Moore at and she has a short series on Wise friendships and she talks about the importance of woman having exactly what I just described with at least one other woman in your life. Sometimes it can be difficult for females to let their guard down with other females and have a trustworthy relationship. There are some pretty catty gals out there ya know! But once you have met another woman who is a believer and you share a connection together I highly recommend you open your heart up to one another. Be transparent, bond, be there for each other emotionally. We really can’t depend entirely on our men to meet our every emotional need and that’s why we need our girlfriend(s).

I looked up some verses about friendship and found the following. I would confidently say that these apply to CLOSE friends. Not just someone you hang out with or talk to on occasion and share nothing real or intimate. To be a REAL friend you must be open, honest, and transparent at all times. You can not build a good friendship with surface level information. If you form those kinds of friendships you are missing out on the benefits that true friendship can give.

Proverbs 18:24 NIV
A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Proverbs 27:17 NIV
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

Here are the pictures from Gainesville with my sweet girlfriend Kaitlyn. I have more to come with some of my other cherished moments with other wonderful girlfriends as well. 😉

Home again Home again jiggidy jog

Tomorrow morning we leave to head back to Florida. I’m VERY excited b/c Jason is droppping me off in Gainesville to spend Friday and Saturday with one of my dearest and closest girlfriends Kaitlyn. I haven’t seen her since our going away party which feels like an eternity. So we get to hang out just the two of us for almost a full 48 hours! yay! Than Jason and I are going to the Daytona 500 on Sunday. It’s kind of a tradition so we’re excited to be heading back to the speedway together. 😉 So romantic watching cars go in circles at like 180+ mph haha. (Yeah the thought of danger kind of is a turn on! I like fast cars and action movies!) And apparently Martina Mcbride will be singing the National Anthem! So THAT is pretty awesome too.

THAN after all that excitement I get to spend the rest of the week with some more of my girlfriends. Jason has to head back home but me and the girls are gonna stay and then my parents are driving us back. I’m excited to hopefully go to the BEACH and just be back in that good ol’ Florida sunshine. For me personally, the statement “Florida is better to visit than live” is so true. I know there are some out there that wouldn’t live anywhere else than Florida but I feel like I’m more content to just visit. I feel like I appreciate it more than I did when I lived there ya know? When I lived there I always wanted there to be more variation in the weather. And when I lived there I didn’t take advantage of the beach enough. But going back to visit I’m excited about it being a touch warmer and I’m thrilled by the thought of  putting my feet in the sand. So for me visiting is perfect! I have a love for Florida that I didn’t have when I lived there. It’s a good feeling 🙂

Now it’s time to go pack some shorts and swim suits!

Pictures and more pictures

So here we are at our favorite Sushi bar Atami. =) R was in a picture taking mood, lol. Loving on her daddy.

Showing us her Edamame. They love this stuff!

So Jason and I celebrated Valentines Day on Friday. First date night alone since before we moved here. I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Here we are all dressed up and ready to hit Hotlanta!

My cute new dress. Kholls 30 bones whoop whoop!

Alone in the car yay!!!

Fondu at Dantes Down the Hatch! Very cool resteraunt.

My sweet gorgeous man.

love me some butternut squash!

So they had these manikins all over the restaurant. Not gonna lie they kind of creeped me out because I wasn’t always sure at first if they were real or not, lol.

The whole place is designed as if you are at an old time dock or marina with stores and balconies all centered around the ship. This was the ship. It was even sitting in water. We sat above the ship on like a terrace. It was all a very cool ambience. They had a live jazz band which was fun!

Another creepy manikin haha.

gotta have a kissing photo 😉

The end to a perfect evening…. well not the end end……