In God’s Will

That’s where I want to be. As I’ve already stated, my family and I are residing at my parents home for the time being. We’ve been looking for houses for 3 months solid and just haven’t found the right one. This past weekend we went to a very good friend of ours wedding. And just because I got one of the best photo’s to date with me and my 2 daughters I must share =)

No I don’t love M more…. I just couldn’t get R any closer. And believe me, you take what you CAN get with little ones when it comes to photos.

The wedding was in beautiful South Carolina. My mothers sister Laura lives there and we stayed in her charming home. You know the kind,…. big porch with a swing and a few rocking chairs, over looking the mountains. Oh how I’d love to sit there every morning, sip on my cafe con leche, and talk to God about how He made those beautiful mountains, among other things.

My Aunt and ALL her children live in the same neighborhood. How cool to have your entire family; Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, and all your cousins within walking distance. My cousins daughter, Emily, hopped on her four wheeler one evening and road it down to her “Mimi’s” house to bring her some dinner. I would LOVE it. I did love it! I’m absolutely in love (okay honestly I’m in some seriouse “like”) with South Carolina. SO in “like” that I would pick my family up and move there in a heart beat if I knew it were God’s will, and of course if my husband would go for it.

So once again I’m wondering, what is God’s will for my family? Where does God want us? How does He want to use us? Because I could put together a very compelling case of why I think I should move to South Carolina. I could give you all sorts of reasons for how it would be smart financially, how it would be a better environment for my children, and I’m sure there are plenty of people that we could minister to! Maybe God DOES want us there. I mean He sold our previous home within a WEEK, He obviously didn’t want us there any longer. (We had done enough damage, lol) And now here we stay in my parents home, searching tirelessly for a place to live in Florida with no luck. So maybe, just maybe, God doesn’t want us in Florida at all. And then maybe He doesn’t want us in South Carolina either….

I don’t know where He wants us, but I do know that after our little road trip, I will be more open to see if He wants us somewhere other than Lutz. I now will be praying for Him to reveal where we can be the most useful in furthering His kingdom. Whether it IS here, or South Carolina, or Africa! Wherever He leads, I will follow. *Isaiah 6:8 Here I am, Send me!*


2 thoughts on “In God’s Will

  1. Kate, you have honed in on a very important question. Is it important to God where we live or how we live or both? Can one be living in the right place the wrong way or living in the wrong place the right way? After all my years on this planet I have a tendency to think it matters more how we live, i.e. "whether we eat or drink, do it all to the glory of God" then where. Side note, how we live is more about our attitude than our mere actions (see Phillipians 4:12). Anyway, I love how you are constantly exploring and processing these life issues. God has some great things in store for you and Jason, of that I am confident!!!

  2. So true Debi! Katie, as I am sure you know, CJ and I think about this kind of stuff everyday. It can drive you crazy sometimes! I have come to the place at which you are…."Here I am , Send me!" It is a nice place to be. P.S. I loved visiting S.C. too! I wanted to live on the front porch with my coffee 🙂

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