One fish, Two fish

Be prepared for LOTS of pictures =)

Earlier this week Jason treated us to a couple hours on the lake. Recently he inherited a sweet John boat from his dad, with paddles and everything! So we decided to take it for it’s first spin on my parents lake. The girls were pretty excited.

And they were ready to help get us out there, to Bird Lake. M is at the age where she wants to help with everything, even paddling.

Look at that sweet little face. She’s ready to go fishing with her hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and life vest. Wait a minute….. I know, don’t judge us! We don’t have life vests yet, but the next trip we DEFINITELY will.

M with her sweet new fishing hat!

And we’re off, down the sludgy canal.

This tiny girl is strong and determined.

R likes to sit back and relax like her mommy. We’ll let them do the work, right??

Trying on M’s hat. We’re finally entering the lake!

R, scaring the fish off.

Happy girl because mommy brought cookies. Publix cookies!! They are the BEST!

My little cookie monster. This one has a serious sweet tooth.


My sweet R. She likes her cookies too but not nearly as much as her big sister.
mmmmm, finger licking good. They were nice and melted from the hot humid weather too 😉

My handsome fisherman
Washing the rest off in the lake. This freaked Jay out a bit, lol.

Safe next to daddy, trying to catch a feeshy.

Getting a little bored? This is a great exercise on patience for children.

I love that smile. Oh look, and he caught a fish!

She’s a beaut!

R’s turn again. She atleast knows how to look like a professional.

Chomping on cookies again…. of course while R does all the work.
She’s so laid back. I love it…. probably because I’m not.

Starting to get bored again while they wait for daddy to catch another fish.

Yay! Catch number twoooo!

Excited and petrified all at once!

M didn’t want to touch it. Curious George on the other hand…. she was ready to go for a swim with it.

Me and R taking pictures while…….

M throws a tantrum. There’s gotta be one in every adventure.

We’ll just pretend we don’t hear her. Smile!

Happy again. Nothing a few “fish faces” couldn’t cure.

Time to pack it up daddy =)
Heading back in. Taking a little nap. I’m sure that seat has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized 😉

While Jason tried to catch one more fish in the canal, I tried to paddle us home through all the THICK sludge. Meanwhile, M was playing with a fishing pole and flung some of that yummy sludge all over me.

What are ya gonna do? Well what I did was accidently splash them while I was paddling home.

It was totally worth it. =) Can’t wait till next time!

The End……


Bubbles in June

What kid doesn’t love bubbles? My girls LOVE bubbles. M probably more so than R. And they love big ones! Don’t you hate how every bottle of bubbles come with those dinky little wands that you can NEVER get out. It’s like they purposely put it just beyond your fingers reach. And even when you do get it your hand ends up being dripping with sticky soap. And not only that but those wands make the puniest bubbles. Even the special wands sold separately don’t make THAT great of bubbles.

On this hot summer day my husband, Jason, had the girls outside blowing bubbles. They were laughing and giggling over chasing them, blowing them, catching them, popping them….. having a blasty blast!
They were trying to kiss the bubble and than it popped!
(This bubble was not a product of the wand by the way.)
But the bubbles were not big enough, not to my husbands satisfaction. You know how men are, bigger is better right? So his creative mind went and got a solo cup. The infamous solo cup. A cup with many talents. It’s latest, bubble making. He cut the bottom out and dipped the cup upside down (the rim side) into his bucket of bubbly soap. Then he proceeded to make much larger bubbles, much to my two little girls delight.
He might have even enjoyed it more then them……
And still, he felt a need to make even bigger bubbles. Especially since M started insisting on getting inside of one! So, then he goes and gets a gallon jug, cuts out the bottom of that and once again, makes these monsterous bubbles. I think he could have won a contest for biggest bubble making. Especially with what he was working with!

Finally, we made a bubble big enough for M to fit in. =) What a great picture huh! She wasn’t quite as satisfied with the outcome but I don’t think it gets much better than this.

My favorite part of bubble making……..

Those two beautiful faces right there =)

In God’s Will

That’s where I want to be. As I’ve already stated, my family and I are residing at my parents home for the time being. We’ve been looking for houses for 3 months solid and just haven’t found the right one. This past weekend we went to a very good friend of ours wedding. And just because I got one of the best photo’s to date with me and my 2 daughters I must share =)

No I don’t love M more…. I just couldn’t get R any closer. And believe me, you take what you CAN get with little ones when it comes to photos.

The wedding was in beautiful South Carolina. My mothers sister Laura lives there and we stayed in her charming home. You know the kind,…. big porch with a swing and a few rocking chairs, over looking the mountains. Oh how I’d love to sit there every morning, sip on my cafe con leche, and talk to God about how He made those beautiful mountains, among other things.

My Aunt and ALL her children live in the same neighborhood. How cool to have your entire family; Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, and all your cousins within walking distance. My cousins daughter, Emily, hopped on her four wheeler one evening and road it down to her “Mimi’s” house to bring her some dinner. I would LOVE it. I did love it! I’m absolutely in love (okay honestly I’m in some seriouse “like”) with South Carolina. SO in “like” that I would pick my family up and move there in a heart beat if I knew it were God’s will, and of course if my husband would go for it.

So once again I’m wondering, what is God’s will for my family? Where does God want us? How does He want to use us? Because I could put together a very compelling case of why I think I should move to South Carolina. I could give you all sorts of reasons for how it would be smart financially, how it would be a better environment for my children, and I’m sure there are plenty of people that we could minister to! Maybe God DOES want us there. I mean He sold our previous home within a WEEK, He obviously didn’t want us there any longer. (We had done enough damage, lol) And now here we stay in my parents home, searching tirelessly for a place to live in Florida with no luck. So maybe, just maybe, God doesn’t want us in Florida at all. And then maybe He doesn’t want us in South Carolina either….

I don’t know where He wants us, but I do know that after our little road trip, I will be more open to see if He wants us somewhere other than Lutz. I now will be praying for Him to reveal where we can be the most useful in furthering His kingdom. Whether it IS here, or South Carolina, or Africa! Wherever He leads, I will follow. *Isaiah 6:8 Here I am, Send me!*

Nesting in your mothers nest……

How exactly do I do this? My husband and I recently sold our home out in the boondocks so that we could purchase a home closer to our family, friends, and church. We didn’t expect it to sell within 1 week, not in this market. But obviously God had a plan for us and it didn’t include living way out there. So, we packed up all our stuff, crammed it in storage and headed over to my parents house. Myself, husband Jason, our two daughters and 1 dog (another story in itself) came to nestle up in my parents modest home on Daiquiri Lane. This should be great, at least under the notion that it would be SHORT term….. (“please God, help us find a home quick” I prayed) Jason and I in one room, M (3) and R (18months) in another. I must admit when the initial idea of living with my folks came about I thought it was gonna be perfect. I love my parents. They are the easiest people to be around, fun, loving, supportive, godly. I look up to them both and enjoy their company. How hard could it be to live with them full time?? Whelp, when you are a young mother just figuring out who you are, how you want to parent, how to be a wife, and generally how to LIVE in this crazy world…. yeah much more difficult than I anticipated. So currently this blog is gonna be a tool for me to vent! haha, juuuuust kidding….. maybe…. I really will just be sharing about how to keep your sanity when living with parents (or even in laws). How to seek Him in these seemingly tough times. Hey, I know people have worse circumstances then me, and I’m grateful for all God has given me. But none the less… this is still a trial that I’m being tested in and sometimes I fail. That’s when I get on my knees and get closer with my Lord. Hard times bring you closer to Him and that’s a beautiful blessing in itself. I’ll also be sharing a lot about my own personal growth, trying to find myself (yeah that sounds so cliche) what I mean is finding out who God intended me to be as a wife and mother. Figuring out what all THAT means and how I will live it out. I’m not Katie White, pastor Charles and wife Debi’s daughter anymore…. I’m Katie Graham! Wife to Jason and mother to M and R. And here I am figuring out how to be me and glorify God in my roles. So…. here I go. =)