Trusting God through the storms

Storm season has officially begun. We have our first severe weather alerts right now, flood and tornado warnings. I was never particularly anxious about tornados when we lived at our old house. I was anxious this evening. I started having this conversation with myself in my head.

“What if we lost everything? Would you be okay with that? If you lost this beautiful home you just moved into, all your possessions, new and old,… What if we wake up tomorrow and we have only our pjs on…. No shoes, no change of clothes, everything just gone into a big pile of rubble. Will you still believe God loves you? Will you still love him?or is your love only conditional? Will you still trust him and want to glorify him with what’s left, if anything at all? What if?”

Now I realize those are some deep heavy thoughts. As my mind started spiraling out of control into what if world I knew exactly what I had to acknowledge.

First I did call my mommy though. She re-emphasized everything the Spirit was prompting on my heart. I can’t even say how thankful I am for that godly woman.

I knew that exercising my faith is an actual action and it involves me telling God (what he is already well aware of) that I am struggling in an area and I do, desperately, want to believe and trust him. Remember when the father in Mark, that had the demon possessed son, wanted Jesus to cast out the demon and he says at one point “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24 NLT) I love that story because often times it’s so me.

I want to confidently say “yes! Even if I lost everything I would trust you and love you and declare your glory. It was yours to give and yours to take.” But that’s SCARY to consider. And sometimes we do have to ask God to help us in our weak moments of unbelief.

I don’t want to fear what would happen if we lost everything because I want to trust that God can and will provide. That he would care for us just like he does the sparrows and we could still be used by him even if we lost everything. I cherish what God has given us but I don’t want to place our things above the main thing, glorifying God. And I really want to come to a place where I can say “God if you need to take something away so I can better glorify you than by all means do it!” (Again, that’s a scary, faith filled, statement)

I also never ever want to take for granted the health and safety he has given us this far. The truth is there have been countless families who have woken up with nothing but rubble. People who’ve lost family, children, parents, siblings, friends. It stinks when you are praying for a storm to move out of your direction and yet you know “it’s going to hit someone, somewhere.” No matter where the storm hits I pray we would know and believe God DOES love us. I can’t imagine what it’s like to walk through something tragic, I never have. We are lifting up past, present, and future storm victims. I also know life brings other storms and I hope that these scriptures will bring comfort to whoever needs it. Because truly, without our Father in Heaven we have no comfort or hope. I am grateful that I can cling to my Savior at all times. These scriptures came through my email a few days ago and I copied them to my “notes” where I keep scripture for quick access. Initially I had shared them with a friend who’s family had a major life storm. I had no idea how relevant they would be to me this evening. But that’s just how awesome God is.

I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. (John 10:28, 29 NIV)

The lord will hold you in his hand for all to see— a splendid crown in the hand of God. (Isaiah 62:3 NLT)

We can make our plans, but the lord determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9 NLT)

But Jesus overheard them and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” (Mark 5:36 NLT)


just for laughs

This post may bore you to tears but it’s something I personally want on the records. I can not forget this night.

I can’t believe I am awake at this hour. Well yes I suppose mom of 3 being awake in the middle of the night comes with the territory. But all my little ones are tucked in and sound asleep and definitely not the reason I am awake. Which is the part that I am here to share with you so we can all have a good laugh at my expense 🙂 plus I am having trouble falling asleep so here we go.

10 days ago Ryann came home from school with lice. Is that not the most embarrassing parenting moment or what? They always say it’s not about “hygiene” but everyone looks at you like “don’t you bathe?!” I admit, we used to skip a few baths here and there, however now that we have moved and my kids never want to play indoors, bathing daily is now a necessity. It took my kids awhile to get used to this. They kept saying “but we just took a bath like yesterday….” Thank goodness we are on a well so the water patrol guy isn’t banging on our door. I digress….

So that was 10 days ago and we are still dealing with this plague! Seriously I have been more than thorough. I bought the shampoo, treated everyone, stripped the house, and combed through hair for hours. So then Ryann tells me a week later “my head is itching will you check it?” And I find one of those disgusting pesky bugs. And icing on the cake, I find one on me. So it was late, like 10pm. That’s late. And I went to walmart and by like 50 dollars worth of whatever I could find including a Robicomb. And we do this all over again. So I’ve got my sweet electronic lice comb because hey, we are pros now and I had been using it daily on everyone. So far, our breed of lice apparently like female brunettes. Probably best though because if Micaila got it in all that hair…. oh my we would be in for it. Well today I find some more and waste a few more hours of my life and Ryanns picking nits. Ryann and I have become so close, me particularly with her head. So I have been telling Jason “babe, YOU are gonna have to check my head.” And he really is excited let me tell you.

Ok so pause there. And let me take you to our chickens. Those cute little fluffy things, well they have totally out grown their “brooder” and are getting ready for the outside world. We have been letting them play in their coup during the day and let me tell you, this girl is SO READY for these chicks to be outside permanently. “And lay me some eggs already!!” Seriously, they are pooping all over my laundry room. I spent several hours cleaning the floor today and then decided I’d had it they were going TONIGHT. Slumber party in the chicken coup, whoop whoop! To set my decision in stone I repainted my laundry room to freshen it up from the chicky poo. Yeah it was that bad. We are normally such clean people, I don’t know what’s happened!

Okay back to the lice. So Jason gets to officially become a nit picker. I knew he’d be great at it too once he got in there. Well it had been raining some and Jason starts expressing concern about the chickens. And I’m all “no way Jose! I just finished my beautiful laundry room in a nice yellow tone, willow herb, it’s not getting pooped on ever again!” So we continue pulling nits out of my hair. Eww. It’s about 2am and seriously, it’s like a tsunami hit Graham acres. I mean just pouring buckets, and windy! I’m thinking “really? Of all the days, I decide to kick the chicks out, and we have flood warnings!” So Jason goes to check on the chicks, yes I do have a heart, and the poor ladies and gent (we have 1 rooster by the way!) are drenched. Not to bright though bc I had given them a very nice cubby with bedding to lay in which was DRY and yet they are piled on each other in the rain. Whatever. We pile them up and take them back into the house in the cozy.soothing.laundry room. They did look so happy to be inside. But seriously, quit pooping on my floor and stay in your brooder bin!

honestly though, nights like these…… all we can do is just laugh.

Goodnight y’all. 🙂