A little, long over due, up date :)

I can’t recall if I had mentioned here that I planned to home-school Micaila. We have started (about 2 months ago) kindergarten here at home.

I am extremely blessed to have met my friend Mandy here in Georgia. She has been a huge help in “mentoring” me through some of the home school process, as she home schools both her children (oh and not to mention she was a teacher professionally). Not only did she loan me curriculum (saving us hundreds of dollars!) but she has shared so much of her wisdom and experience and that is priceless!

Some may wonder why I’m homeschooling. Well, 1 because I can. God has graciously allowed our circumstances to be as they are and given me the ability to stay home. 2 because it allows me to choose what and how I teach. And 3, I like the relaxed, flexible environment and schedule. I think, Micaila being able to do school in this way is going to really benefit her. Plus, we can visit family in Florida whenever we want. Yay!

It’s going quite well, which honestly is a big surprise to me. I wasn’t sure how I’d pull it off, with just having had a baby and all, and of course keeping up with everything else. I thought it would be A LOT but honestly, incorporating the discipline of school into our day has improved how our days unfold.

I try to keep in mind that every morning is going to be different from the last so I allow myself and the girls a very liberal schedule. My goal for the day is to start after breakfast. Micaila likes to sleep in though, so we often don’t get started till around 10. Honestly, I don’t think I could get that girl to public school on time if I wanted to!

I had never considered myself “organized” or good at teaching (in general) but I really have impressed myself, haha. To my great surprise I found I actually am organized. Not by any professional standard but more than I ever gave myself credit for prior to now. Whether or not I’m a good teacher is still up for debate but Micaila and I are working well together which was my greatest fear in this endeavor. We both lean towards perfectionism so putting the two of us together in a learning environment I thought for sure steam would be coming out both our ears before the day ended. But God is good and has allowed this new season in both our lives to begin smoothly.

And just a little icing on the cake, Ryann is enjoying most all the benefits of kindergarten at home as well. She does everything except the reading lessons which I don’t feel she is ready for yet.

So proud of those 2 girls and their hard work in school.

How bout a baby boy update? Caleb is now 3 months old! He has his next well baby visit in a month and I can give you some stats then. He is sleeping through the night, going to bed around 10:30 and waking up around 6:30 to eat and then goes back to sleep. To me, this is like honeymoon stage for baby, or is it for mommy? He’s eating, on average, every 4 hours, sleeps at night (and for most of the day!) WHEN he’s awake he’s all smiles and so happy to see you, he’s just….. so…. perfect. 🙂 Oh, and you better believe I am just eating it all up. Caleb may end up a little behind when it comes to rolling over or crawling becaaaause I still hold him all the time and he’s never on the floor. lol! We love to rock, or sit on the couch while he’s propped up in my legs making silly faces and talking. We have some good talks me and Caleb.


Caleb is pretty much the coolest baby on the block with his sweet mohawk hair. Everyone loves his hair and at first I thought it was because he has so much but now I realize it’s how we style it. I don’t really style it, it’s just the shape it takes after I blow dry it. 😉 what?! He loves the blow dryer!

Still a gassy boy. Seriously, I can’t get over it. It’s incredible the noise that comes out of such a tiny little fellow. Goodness I just love that sweet boy!




I think that is pretty much the latest, at least in our kiddos world. And I’ve literally been writing this post for 3 weeks so I think it’s time to publish and move on.