Homey Hallways

So the downstairs portion of our house is coming together quite nicely. We did do some rearranging though but I’m extremely happy with how it all looks now. And with the addition of the piano and the armoire it just looks really NICE. I’m so “in like” with my house. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with such a beautiful home. I can honestly say I’d be content to stay here till He returns….. then again why wouldn’t I be. Anyway, here are some pictures of the hallway lol. You’d think that’d be boring but we have a HUGE hallway and it happens to occupy some decorative focal points.

This is the hallway before you come to the stairs. I love this little combination, mainly because it’s the first place we’ve used some photos of the girls. I plan on doing a bunch more spaces with family photos but we have to get some new frames. 🙂


nothing…. specific…

Well since I have no pictures of the girls bedroom yet I thought I’d just post some more randoms from the weekend and the week so far. Jason and I went out with friends this weekend to celebrate Erica’s birthday. We went to this piano restaurant that was pretty fun but ultimately it just made me excited for Valentines Day when Jason and I get to go out totally alone, no kids, no other adults, just me and my love whispering sweet nothings in each other ear…lol I’m getting lost in the dreamy romance stuff hahaha, totally unrealistic in all honesty but whatever.

Ugh, I’m sorry but my husband is HOT. Gosh he’s gorgeous….. I like to think back on when we first started dating and think about all the things I thought when I first laid eyes on him. That smile…. those eyes… his nice skin tone…. later I learned he had great ABS! TMI??? sorry….

mwuah muwah. PS: It’s not perfect at all we still have our spats ie last night BUT I absolutely love this man and will take his flaws and he mine. And admit it, he IS pretty stinkin cute!

Moving right along to yesterday when the girls painted pretty pictures with water colors. I’m quite impressed with M’s Octopus. All of a sudden she has gotten REALLY good at coloring and painting.

The Rose 🙂

Riding her scooter, she’s such a big girl and really good on that scooter too!

I love that sweet smile 🙂

Happy Monday

The girls let me snap a few photos of them this morning and they turned out pretty cute. I think it’s best to never “plan” to take pictures or make a big deal about having a photo shoot to them b/c it seems like whenever you just randomly ask they are much more cooperative. Oh and Jolly Rancher Lolli pops help as well. But the point is don’t make it a production and they wont plan on sabotaging it lol.

So today is the day to hang the curtains I bought for the girls bedroom. Hopefully I can post some pictures of the progress. We’re no where near finished but getting their is half the fun 😉

Time to decorate the girlies bedroom

Decorating can simply be a nightmare at points. Especially for someone like me. In-experienced, in-decisive, and definitely NOT endless funds. I finally decided I was ready to brave the treacherous waters of painting again, specifically in M and R’s bedroom. I know that their room has tons of potential with all the space it has and their cute little nook so I’ve been itching to get going in there. I had always thought since we moved here that I wanted to do a nice soft yellow. You know, cheery, sunny, but not to sunny of course. So we went to Home Depot to buy some samples. I bought 3 yellows and hated them all! Just a tip if you ever want to do yellow, check out this blog Restyling Home By Kelly. She is DEAD on about choosing the right yellow and to not base your choice off the sample card. So after I was mortified by the yellows I had chosen I scratched the color all together.

Fortunately, I just received the latest Pottery Barn catalog and was most definitely *INSPIRED* 🙂

It’s kind of a bummer though b/c what inspired meeee Jason totally did not go for. 😦 So I decided to have him browse through the mag and pick something he liked. Why do I have to be married to someone so opinionated on decorating and the way I dress? How did this happen?! I must admit though, as I have before, Jason does have an eye for class. He liked the color scheme in this PB room Hayley.

Love that light fixture!

So back to Home Depot we went. I told them exactly what I wanted Benjamin Moore Country Green and to be on the safe side I got another sample of a color that looked a shade lighter Daiquiri Ice. Neither one of them looked anything like what I thought it would based off the magazine and online. So this time I decided to go to the source. Benjamin Moore. Well sort of, I went to Ace Hardware because they sell the guys stuff. Could not find a sample card of Country Green anywhere. So I decided to pick a different color. The color I think is MORE like what’s in the Hayley room. I decided on Benjamin Moore Sweet Caroline. (I just love the name too!) By the way, the lady at Ace was EXTREMELY helpful. She worked with me for like 45 minutes to find exactly what I wanted. So that’s (2, 1 for color and 1 for help) Ace hardware and (-5 for all the busted samples) Home Depot just sayin.

So now that we have our color it’s time to paint. And I have so many more things to share. This girl is about to get all crafty on ya, just wait!

If you’re a wife….

Oh my goodness should you ever listen to THIS. I recently was expressing to my mom how frustrated I’ve felt lately over my “performance” as a Christian (not that it is one but you know what I mean). Let me just say when your job is to be a wife and mother, Satan can make you feel like it is not enough in God’s eyes that you be just that. I find myself constantly questioning and doubting “Am I doing enough?” “Am I doing ANYTHING?” “Am I a good wife, mother??” and so forth. I fall into his trap repeatedly and my mother encouraged me to listen to some teachings geared towards woman who are in this state of life. Being a stay at home mommy and wife of course. So I searched on my favorite teaching site, Oneplace.com for Beth Moore b/c I just really enjoy her A LOT. And I was successful in finding this…. How Wisdom Looks on a Wife. If you are a wife, you must must must check it out. Beth’s honesty and aunthenticity is SO encouraging. If you need to be encouraged in the areas of marriage and being a wife you definitely want to listen to this.

more Christmas pictures yay!

Family photo. Sheesh is it hard to get us all smiling. But that’s reality for ya right. R wouldn’t quit saying “skittlllleeessss” lol.

The Graham children 🙂

M and Miss Stoic

My pretty girls

R before Christmas Eve service…. funny she doesn’t look at all like she’ll have croup in the morning. Crazy how those symptoms wont show their ugly face.

Christmas Eve getting ready for bed!! Like my PJ’s??? I ❤ them hehe

First we have to feed the reindeer!

**Sprinkle sprinkle**

Leaving Santa his cookies 🙂

M and R in the Camaro from Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike and Matt. It’s great being the only nieces right?

And R’s new golf cart

What’s the weight limit on these things??

Next car for Linda???

Jason’s big present, Piano for my musician. Boy was this fun surprising him with. Many thanks to all who helped with the process 😉

Play us something Edward, lol.

Uh oh, someone needs a driving lesson, lol.

Cruisinnnn the woorrrrld!!