One fish, Two fish

Be prepared for LOTS of pictures =)

Earlier this week Jason treated us to a couple hours on the lake. Recently he inherited a sweet John boat from his dad, with paddles and everything! So we decided to take it for it’s first spin on my parents lake. The girls were pretty excited.

And they were ready to help get us out there, to Bird Lake. M is at the age where she wants to help with everything, even paddling.

Look at that sweet little face. She’s ready to go fishing with her hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and life vest. Wait a minute….. I know, don’t judge us! We don’t have life vests yet, but the next trip we DEFINITELY will.

M with her sweet new fishing hat!

And we’re off, down the sludgy canal.

This tiny girl is strong and determined.

R likes to sit back and relax like her mommy. We’ll let them do the work, right??

Trying on M’s hat. We’re finally entering the lake!

R, scaring the fish off.

Happy girl because mommy brought cookies. Publix cookies!! They are the BEST!

My little cookie monster. This one has a serious sweet tooth.


My sweet R. She likes her cookies too but not nearly as much as her big sister.
mmmmm, finger licking good. They were nice and melted from the hot humid weather too 😉

My handsome fisherman
Washing the rest off in the lake. This freaked Jay out a bit, lol.

Safe next to daddy, trying to catch a feeshy.

Getting a little bored? This is a great exercise on patience for children.

I love that smile. Oh look, and he caught a fish!

She’s a beaut!

R’s turn again. She atleast knows how to look like a professional.

Chomping on cookies again…. of course while R does all the work.
She’s so laid back. I love it…. probably because I’m not.

Starting to get bored again while they wait for daddy to catch another fish.

Yay! Catch number twoooo!

Excited and petrified all at once!

M didn’t want to touch it. Curious George on the other hand…. she was ready to go for a swim with it.

Me and R taking pictures while…….

M throws a tantrum. There’s gotta be one in every adventure.

We’ll just pretend we don’t hear her. Smile!

Happy again. Nothing a few “fish faces” couldn’t cure.

Time to pack it up daddy =)
Heading back in. Taking a little nap. I’m sure that seat has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized 😉

While Jason tried to catch one more fish in the canal, I tried to paddle us home through all the THICK sludge. Meanwhile, M was playing with a fishing pole and flung some of that yummy sludge all over me.

What are ya gonna do? Well what I did was accidently splash them while I was paddling home.

It was totally worth it. =) Can’t wait till next time!

The End……


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