My friend Aly introduced me to this cool App Instagram. I guess it’s a photo sharing app but I just think the editing stuff is cool. I suppose I am “sharing” it now. Pretty cool though!


Marathon Nightmare

I suppose since the time is drawing near for my first marathon it’s normal for some fears to start surfacing. Last night I had a dream that must have encompassed everything about a marathon that I am scared would happen. Here’s the list.

1.) Stairs. Really?? In my nightmare we came to a part in the marathon where we had to run up and down stairs.

2.) Getting lost. I guess there weren’t enough people in this particular run where I could actually follow the pack and on top of that the course was so poorly designed it was hard to navigate. In fact they had “Turn Here” signs to indicate where you should go but some of those signs were not actually for the race. Oy vey…..

3.) Starting late. I was late and started like an hour after every one else. All the half marathoners, which included my florida Erica and then Nicole, were already finishing up. Erica, you finished your half marathon in an incredible 13 minutes! I think that qualifies you for Boston! 😉 My other friend Heather was also running the marathon but I would never catch up with her. Even if I hadn’t started an hour late.

4.) On top of starting late my legs would not run. Oh the heavy legs! Always happens at the wrong time,… marathons, running from the boogy man, or a tornado…

5.) My watch died! Which was a HUGE deal. Because I got lost, by the end of the race I couldn’t figure out if I had even run the full 26.2 and I had no time to even calculate off of that.

What a nightmare! But no worries, before the dream was over I made it a point to find the race coordinators and ask them “What the heck kind of race is this! Stairs???? Who puts stairs in a marathon! And I got LOST, how do you get lost in a race? I’m a smart girl with a good sense of direction, I want a refund.”

I’m confident RNR will not be like that. T minus 19 days!

Alabama Homecoming Game!

This past weekend Jason and I had a date night. Like a WHOLE NIGHT! We went to the Alabama game and spent the night in a hotel in Birmingham. Thanks to Randy for sharing his Marriott points 😉 gotta love that! It was so so much fun. It was homecoming so there of course were TONS of Bama fans. Really felt like home once we crossed the state lines and starting seeing on the cars with ROLL TIDE on them. 🙂 So of course I want to share some pictures we took because I found the cutest most perfect Bama dress. I felt like a Tri Delt or something! Totally fit right in with the college gals.

My Bama jewelry Randy and Linda bought me for my b-day last year 🙂

On the way to our seats….. they were pretty high!

ALA-BAMA Roooooooooooooolllll TIDE ROLL! So fun!!!

What a game! Glad we finally got our act together in 2nd half!

By the way, this is me up since 5:45am after running 18 miles! So glossy and red my eyes were hahaha! Worth being up for every minute. Go Bama!


5 Things I’m JUST learning 5+ years into mommy-hood and home-making

It takes some of us gals a little longer to catch on to things. I thought it’d be fun/funny/entertaining to write out some stuff I have just now figured out in the world of being a stay at home wife and mother.

1.) Liquid Snuggle makes your laundry smell AMAZING: I can’t tell you what this discovery means to me! For the LONGEST time I couldn’t figure out why my laundry didn’t smell fresh and clean out of the dryer. I used Tide, Tide with febreze, Downy fabric sheets times 3! I have finally caught on to the amazing-ness of liquid fabric softener. It makes doing laundry a lot more enjoyable. I mean, who wants to pull their clothes out of the dryer, only to smell them and feel like nothing was accomplished in the cleaning process! Not this girl! If paying extra money for softener helps me keep up with laundry I think it’s worth it. 😉

2.) No matter how good you think your parenting skills are or COULD be, your kids are going to be bad sometimes: Not that this excuses the behavior at all, but I think it’s healthy, for us moms especially, to realize that our kids are human too and it’s not the end of the world when they act out. It’s going to happen. Don’t give up, go back to your parenting roots, (which should be the Word) and tell your kids you love them, A LOT. 🙂

3.) Airwick scented oil plug-in makes your house smell SO GOOD!!! : okay obviously I have a thing for smell. My nose is very SCENTsitive 😉 And I pick up on bad smells easily and want everything to smell good always. I have tried candles, bath and body works plugins and the spray-o-matic things. Airwick is the best plug-in and I ❤ cinnamon apple.

4.) Watercolors are the cheapest/best entertainment for my girls. They love painting and will do it for hours! It’s easy to clean too.

5.) Most toddler pants have adjustable waistlines!!!!! And let me just apologize here and now to my daughters…. I’m sorry you’re crack was hanging out for the first 3 and 4 years of your life. I always thought “adjustable waist” meant that scrunched up gathered waist that some pants have in the back, but oh no, there is literally an adjustable line on the inside of like ALL my girls pants. I don’t know WHY I was so oblivious to it before. I seriously could not understand why there was no brand that fit my normal size children’s bottom half. And now, every time I pull out a pair of pants I see this tab you can pull to make it fit them. Glad I figured it out NOW!

That’s all for now, and I just KNOW I have so much more to learn. 😉