A Week to Remember

It’s not all that ironic that I would write a blog loaded with compliments for my dad and husband. However, it is quite awesome that I would do it before I came home to a very unexpected surprise. I knew Jason had been doing a stand up job caring for our girls and holding down the fort. What I didn’t know was all the EXTRA work ON the house he was doing. Like converting the girls old bedroom into our new media room. Painting…… lots of painting. And building a headboard for our guest bedroom. (Don’t you wanna come stay with us now 🙂 ) I was totally blown away, not only with the work he had done but by the fact that he had the girls with him too! Jason is really great about allowing the girls to “help” with projects. I personally stink at that. I get stressed out letting them run around with a paint brush while I’m working, go figure right. But not him, he lets them go to town. They actually painted the frames for the posters they picked out to hang on the wall. (I asked Jason where Justin was going to hang, and he said “Yeah the girls tried but I wouldn’t let them” lol) I’m glad Tangled made the cut 😉 Everything just looks so so good. As I’ve said before, Jason is a better decorator then I am. So it was really great that he took all the stress away by picking the paint color, buying the couch, hanging the pictures, and framing the tv out. Mad props Jay!

Here are some photos of all his work 🙂 First we have the upstairs guest bathroom. A nice coat of paint and a little switcharoo with the shower curtain. Now I just have to find one for downstairs 🙂

Next we have the guest bedroom. The “headboard” is actually the same idea as wainscoting, and a really great inexpensive way to create the look of a headboard.  Jason also is the one who painted our old end tables to make them look “antique” and I also had bought the dresser (along with the chest from the girls room) at a garage sale. Originally the dresser and chest were this light green color but we went for the white antique look. He did a great job.

Still a lot of things that could be done but certainly not at the top of my priority list. Besides, I would hate to invest a whole lot in that room if we plan to use it as a nursery some time soon 😉 

And next we have the media room, which will probably get the most use. Next to the bathroom that is. Still kept the girls section for their toys. Obviously some are hidden in the closet. LOVE having a closet in here!

Hung and framed the flat screen. Makes it look bigger! Jason said that cost him about 20 bucks to do!

And the couch and pictures the girls framed. I REALLY like the couch! We were also able to use the coffee table I bought for our old house at Big Lots 🙂 And the old rug from under the pool table and an old end table. Very exciting when you have furniture already!

I’m not sure what happened while I was gone in Florida,….  I have felt so loved by my husband and am very happy to be home. Wednesday he even woke me up with flowers and coffee and a love letter. I know, I’ll stop….. It certainly isn’t always like this but I sure do enjoy it when it issss 🙂  🙂  🙂

Kelli got to witness the exciting changes! I had to keep telling her “I swear, it wasn’t like this when I left.” 🙂 Jason also was very gracious AND generous enough to suggest Kelli and I going out to dinner at Dantes Down the Hatch. The fondu restaurant that he and I spent Valentines Day at. So Wednesday Kelli and I got dressed, left all 3 girls with him and headed out for our ladies night. We sat right above the band on the deck of the ship and stuffed our faces full of fondu! That place just has the coolest atmosphere, we had a great time.

Cheese fondu and salad…. I didn’t get a photo of our “Mandarin Fondu” which is steak, pork, chicken, and shrimp. yummm.

The ONLY disappointment was when we went to order chocolate fondu we were sadly informed that they only serve it to parties of 6-12 and with a 2 day advanced notice. Lame. However, this chocolate fudge cake hit the spot. 🙂

They have some great props for photos 🙂 Kelli in the salon 🙂

Me on the old school phone.

And then there was THIS creep peeking through the window behind the curtain in the ladies bathroom! Freaky!

Good food, great friend, great fun!

The rest of the week was full of fun as well. We enjoyed having Kelli and Lucy here, going to the pool, and just sharing our new home and life with our friends we love so much.

Lucy and I swimming together. I felt honored that she trusted me so much in the water 🙂

Sweet GG 🙂

The Rose!!! I missed this baby 🙂 She just turned one too!

Nothing like a good ol’ bubble bath.

Kelli gave the girls some fresh hair cuts. M got some layers and R got a cute little bob.


Far cry from the hot mess it was 😉 However she doesn’t look like a little baby anymore 😦

God is good and I am once again overwhelmed with gratitude for all he has blessed our family with. 🙂



I realize that it would have been more appropriate had I posted this yesterday, but better late than never.

First of all, my dad is the man! And of course I say that coming from a favorite child’s perspective 😉 Setting aside the obvious fact that he is a pastor which makes him a “Man of God” I have witnessed behind closed-door that he truly is. I’ve grown up watching him seek Christ on a daily basis and I’ve seen what a commitment to Christ should look like in your daily life.

I have never gone a day not feeling loved by my dad. Even in my emotional, irrational, teenage years when days came that I didn’t “like” my dad, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wanted my best interest.

My dad has always affirmed me with words and showered me with affection to show that he loves me, he’s proud of me, and he’s told me how grateful to God he is for me.

What this has exemplified to myself and Jason is what the relationship between father and daughter should look like. And I am so unbelievably proud and thankful that Jason is already seeking the Godly standard on how to be a good daddy. Jason may have flaws but I can confidently sit here and say that he is by far one of the best dads. My father would even argue (with me) that he is a FAR better dad then he was. Tough argument 🙂 Either way, God has blessed me richly and it has not gone unnoticed.

This past week, on the heals of our beach trip, I came home with my sister-in-law on Sunday the 12th. Jason graciously went back to Georgia to hold down the fort, all the animals, AND he took M and R with him. Now of course he would have loved it had I brought them here but it made more sense travel wise not to. He has not once complained about me being gone or taking care of the girls or indicated he wants me home TO take care of them. What he has done is enjoyed the precious time with them, taught them how to READ off flash cards, (Your baby CAN read, lol) And basically has just allowed me to come down here, recoup, be rejuvenated, enjoy socializing, and all GUILT FREE. I can’t help but boast about him. This makes me so proud of who he is in Christ, because I know that he is allowing the Holy Spirit to lead his actions and not the flesh. And all this leading up to Father’s Day….. what a man!

I can’t wait to go home to him and shower him with love and thanks.

To conclude, thanks to all our godly fathers out there. Our only chance at parenting is if we seek Christ and allow the Spirit to lead us. I’m thankful for my dad, who took such special interest in raising his daughter. I’m not perfect but I know I could be WAY worse off 🙂 Love your kids, protect them, shower them with affection, “Train up a child in the way he should go…” Proverbs 22:6

big moment, big nerves

This morning is a big exciting morning. I wasn’t going to blog this soon about what’s happening but I’m so nervous and I thought, “Hey, why not blog about each stage including the beforehand.”

I’ll be attempting to run beyond the 13.1 mile marker. !!!!!! I’m so excited because I’ve been itching to do this for so long now and I finally get to with an old running friend Holly. Since I’ve been in FL I thought now would be the perfect time to go for it with all the support I have down here from other friends who run.

My tummy is flipping around and my heart is fluttering and it’s not even a RACE. I think it’s so funny that my nerves are acting this way, definitely did not expect them to do that.

Whelp, it’s time for me to meet up. Pray for me!!!! Big moment here! 🙂

The Beach House

We spent the last 10 days at the beach. And I honestly do not even care that I am about to post a gazillion pictures. My sister-in-law had her amazing Canon and I got so many great shots I simply couldn’t leave hardly any out. I’ve stated before that this blog is partly to track memories that I might forget. And considering that our computer crashed and I lost ALL my photos, I’m very glad I go a little picture post happy every now and then. 🙂 Here we go! Beach house trip 2011!

“You light up the sky to show me You are with me” 🙂

Working hard,….. but what’s it going to be???

Jason is a MASTER with sand creations! Pretty incredible huh?

A chair for the princess 🙂

Total beach bums 😉 they did this quite a few times.

Jason and his mommy before the Mikata FEAST!

Before we ate 50 lbs of seafood. Oh so good!

A little night-time sand castle action

why hello there 🙂

She’s growing WAY too fast 😦

So I had thought we were getting all bathed up and ready for bed and then Ryann decided to put some shorts on and go fishing, lol.

Where did M go?

Should totally be an ad right?

Matt built and painted this Cornhole set for Jason. Pretty awesome!

Matt, Aunt Karen, Uncle Mike, and M 🙂

PawPaw caught a nice redfish!

M drew that all herself, and I’m pretty sure she meant to write MOM, haha

Annual crawfish chow down!

Karen and Matt caught these Blue Crabs themselves. Delicious!

Crawfish lover like her daddy 🙂

Oh thank heaven for date night!

does it get any better than ending a date on a hammock???? (actually it did, ooooohhhh!)

Off to TCBY

I did NOT suggest that flavor, that’d be her future Uncle Matt, lol.

“Myyyyyy Wooorrrrd”

Despite the book and Lassie underneath her she was still able to fall asleep. It’s a gift.

The end to a wonderful and blessed family vacation.

1 Chronicles 29:13  Now, our God, we give you thanks,
   and praise your glorious name.