We miss Dr. Smith :(

Since Monday R has been running a fever varying between 102.5 and 103.5. I don’t know that either of my kids have had fevers that high. M had one a week ago and was able to fight off whatever was coming at her. Now R is under attack and she’s not looking so hot. I took her to the pediatrician here which I was really not looking forward to. My girls saw the same pediatrician that me and my brothers went to. That’s a long standing relationship there. Funny thing, I actually called Dr. Smiths office first before I took her to see the new one out here. Anyway, they advised me to go ahead and take her in so I did on Tuesday. She had a 102.9 fever there when the nurse took her temp. Dr came in and said her limphnodes were swollen and throat looked pretty red. They did a rapid strep test and it came back negative. She said she’d take a culture of her throat and send it to the lab to double check in case the rapid test was in accurate. I was still thinking that we would leave with an antibiotic since obviously R had some sort of infection or something going on. The girl looks awful and you know she feels 10x worse. Well I was wrong, we left with nothing.. They wanted her body to fight off the ickys on it’s own. I totally get it. And I totally understand and agree with not over medicating our children. But my kids have pretty darn good immune systems and if they arent feeling good it’s legit and they need a little help from some medicine. Well, we came home and I was frustrated and felt like it was a waste to go to the dr at all. So R fought a fever that whole night and was exhausted all day Wednesday. And then her fever spiked again in the evening to 102.7 and we went through that whole thing again. I started looking online which I HATE to do because you never know whats reliable and whats not. I’ve never been one to look online for medical advice. I guess having my super doctor Earl Smith I just never needed to. But I couldn’t help but feel like something isnt right with her. R doesnt complain much and she’s generally a happy girl but lately you can tell she is absolutely miserable. She keeps telling me her belly hurts too, which I found kind of weird.  Anyway, internet of course suggested it could be strep orrrr pneumonia. Sheesh, I certainly hope not. But I know one thing is for sure, if she had see good ol Dr. Smith, she’d be better already. We miss you Dr. Smith!

Wednesday…. after her nap…

Last night, after she hardly ate dinner, then we found out she had a fever again. I don’t know why she doesn’t choose the couch….

And this morning, still trying to say cheese for mommy. Poor little thing, check out her dark eyes =( and of course that yummy runny nose

Keep ya posted on how she does today. =)


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