Seeing God in every moment

This morning went like this…..

I took the girls to school and had an hour between dropping them off and a conference with Ryann’s teacher. Jason was home with Caleb so it seemed like an opportune time for prayer and being in God’s Word. I didn’t want to be that creepy lady parked in the school parking lot so I decided to drive around to find a more suitable place to sit. I came upon a nearby college that happened to have more than what I needed.20140326-085358.jpg

Beautiful right? I sat there just thinking about how creative our Creator is. The radiance of the sun does something to us, don’t you think? It causes me, personally, to be in complete awe of God. I sat there with a feeling of thankfulness. I started to read my devotional scripture and wouldn’t you know…..

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NLT)

So I sat there and thanked God. I told him how I was so undeserving of everything I have been given but thank you. Thank you for my 3 healthy children, for our healthy family. Both physically and emotionally we have been blessed with health through out our lives. Our new home and all that came with it. I pray we don’t squander these gifts on ourselves but that we use all we have to honor You Lord. I could spend a lifetime listing off my thanks. I won’t do that here though. After I sat there awhile talking to God and getting weird stares from my duck friend. I continued with the commentary portion of the devotional. God is great and mighty. He is faithful and good and he is a loving God. We are coming up on Easter and this time always excites me and draws me in. Jesus sacrifice for us How he loves us. I am grateful. I am choosing thankfulness. 🙂

The rest is from the devotional.

From the Youversion Hillsong Devotional:
Graced with POWER

Every now and then, life presents us with the opportunity to cultivate a grateful heart. A moment when we are suddenly aware that we have much to be thankful for and that we haven’t been thankful at all. A moment when the phrase ‘spoilt-brat’ comes to mind.

Sometimes we shake it off. Other times, with the best intentions, we realign our perspective, only to find it soon slipping away again.

Why do we fail to maintain a grateful heart when we try so hard?

Perhaps the answer lies in the question itself.

Perhaps it is because we try.

A Spirit-led life is one characterised by responding to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. It can be as simple as encouraging someone when we feel that ‘nudge’ in our spirit. When we live empowered beyond our human limitations in this way, we can not help but be astounded by God’s grace, wondering: How can it be that Almighty God chooses to be intimately involved in my life, prompting me by His Spirit? It is too much.

And we find that over time, the Spirit -led life shapes us into someone who is genuinely grateful and doesn’t take life for granted. To be that kind person who makes people want to get right up close and ask ‘why?’

Today, share with someone the daily things you are grateful for and the work of God in your life.