Melodious Monday: Heal Our Land


Christmas Music

You know what is totally awesome? When a beautiful Christmas song about the birth of Jesus Christ is playing and your 7 year old says “I love this song.” Especially considering that Micaila usually asks me to turn my music off. To which I reply:

“Radio? Who needs a radio?!” 😉

Seriously, I don’t know what happened in that department. Unlike sister Ryann, Micaila just doesn’t have quite the love for music that her daddy and I do.

With the exception of Christmas music.
Which brings me great joy. 🙂

It’s as if I can see her starting to really grasp the message and meaning of Christmas. Her, Ryann and Caleb have been dancing around the house singing a song they learned for their school Christmas play.

“Happy Birthday Jesus I’m so glad it’s Christmas. All the candles and lights make the holiday nice. But the real gift is YOU.”

Thank you Lord for the amazing wonderful gift of Your precious only Son.

In honor of our sweet Saviors birthday and Micaila’s new found love for Christmas music I thought it would be cool to post a list of our favorite Christmas songs. I encourage you to look up the lyrics on a few…. or all of them. 🙂 The message of Jesus coming is so important and powerful. Sometimes I need a fresh reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.

Michael Card: Immanuel

Meredith Andrews: He Has Come

Jars of Clay: Little Drummer Boy

Joy Williams: Here With Us

Michael W. Smith: All Is Well

Amy Grant: Breath of Heaven

Casting Crowns: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Brandon Heath: The Night Before Christmas

MercyMe: Josephs Lullaby

Chris Rice: Welcome to Our World

As I started recalling some of my favorites I realized “Wow, I have A LOT!” I could keep going but I don’t want to overwhelm you if you decide to check a few out. 🙂 What about y’all? Do you have some favorite Christmas songs?