Caleb is 5 years old

Dear Caleb,

Today you turn five. This past year you graciously gave up your position of being the baby of the family. Little ones have come in and out of our home and for the most part you’ve done well with sharing. Sharing your room, your toys, your sisters, your daddy and your mommy. Since you were born you have been the center of attention. We probably definitely are guilty of over indulging you at many points. So it has been very neat to watch you become less self-centered and more others centered. You have become more aware of how you can serve and be helpful, not only to the smaller children but to the rest of us as well. You also have grown in your independence. Which is a relief because I thought you might end up taking Ryann and Micaila to college or something. In March it was your responsibility to be the sign bearer at Uncle Michael and Aunt Jessica’s wedding. You had to walk the aisle alone. Rarely do you ever do anything apart from me or your sisters but you owned this role and executed it with perfection.

This past year you also experimented with lying. This resulted in loss of privilege playing the playstation. Which is like dying for you because you are a serious gamer. Indeed you are becoming familiar with good and bad choices, consequences, and most importantly confession. I pray your daddy and I can lead you in the path of true repentance, pointing you to the One Who paid the penalty for our sin, and that in Him you will find life, freedom and joy.

Caleb you are still all boy. All super heros, all fight, all wrestle, all dirt and noise and big, loud trucks. You are fascinated with Luke Skywalker and love running around in your halloween costume fighting the Dark Side. When Daddy comes home from work you immediately go into wrestling mode. You maaaay need to work on your receiving of punches or water squirting or nerf dart shooting but you sure love dishing it out.

You have a sharp mind, Caleb. By memory you counted every day for 14 days how long we had till it was time to go to the beach. Without a calendar! Maybe I’m easily impresed but I can hardly keep my days straight! You remember things from years past that I have a hard time recalling. Like getting your finger stuck in the door at church when you were 3 or that bad storm at the beach last year or that time Jesus held you when you were a baby…..????? Not sure where that last memory came from but you seem to enjoy recalling it. You came home from VBS quoting the scripture and songs you learned. You LOVED VBS. That made my heart so full. And speaking of songs you are much like your sister, Ryann, and are always singing. Never stop making that joyful noise to the Lord buddy.

This coming school year we have decided to enroll you at a private Christian school. I’m so excited for you to experience learning outside of our home, making new friends and adoring your teacher. I think you are going to love it and grow in so many areas as we explore a new territory. And of course I’ll likely cry because you are growing way too fast. But growth and the passing of time with you are things I’m so thankful for. I’m grateful God has entrusted you to us and for every single second we have with you.

One of my favorite prayers is Psalm 119:33-37. I pray it’ll be your prayer throughout your life.

“Teach me, Lord, the way of your decrees, that I may follow it to the end. Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law and obey it with all my heart. Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight. Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain. Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.”


Caleb 10 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days


Who ever said recounting mile stones and memories had to be on an “even” day? 😉

As I stood at the sink and looked over at Caleb in his high-chair eating/playing with his banana I thought to myself “I just don’t want to forget this moment.” It’s simple. He obviously had enough to eat; some yogurt, 2 hard boiled eggs, half an english muffin, and now almost half a banana. The boy can put it away. So, he just sat there, squeezing his “spear” cut banana so it would shoot out the top of his fist,…… and he laughs. He proceeds to try and pick up the slippery spear again, which is now turning into something like banana pudding and he just laughs and laughs. Does it get any sweeter than that? Not only is it amusing for me as a mother to watch his fine motor skills develop but also his humor and approach towards playfulness. I love this little guy. And I find it so important now to document these little moments. For one I don’t want to forget this time that FLIES by faster than words can really describe. My other reason being because well there are other moments when I may not like his behavior all that much. Moments that aren’t so amusing. So these sweet times are good to have etched on your heart and mind when you might be inclined to run away.

I mean for real, we always love our children, we will do whats best for them and if ever necessary sacrifice everything for their well being, BUT we don’t always like their behavior. They are still humans and all. For example: I don’t particularly like it when Caleb cries, screams even, most every time I lay him down for bed or 80% of the time I set him down on the floor. Seriously. Full.blown.meltdown. Not just for girls. I have no idea what developed that within his personality but truly, his initial response the majority of the time he’s set down by me is to wail. Okay, I admit sometimes it is slightly amusing. He can be so dramatic about it you know. Picture this: I set him down, obviously in a sitting position. He then throws his head back, (I suppose to get the most amount of oxygen to his lungs) and let’s out a loud cry just before he folds himself in half with his arms straight out above him and his forehead touching the floor. (Should I get a picture?) It’s so ridiculous it can be funny at points. Once I walk away he’s fine. But really? Has my response ever changed to this reaction Caleb? No.

He is a funny little man though. Tonight, after one of those emotional mother-hood days (you know the kind, common yet a bit draining) I watched the kids play. Micaila and Ryann doing laps around the kitchen, Caleb crawling and trying so hard to keep up, and again giggling his little head off. Every time the girls would approach him they’d say “boo!” and he would just laugh that adorable baby laugh, the kind that after a few chuckles he’s trying to catch his breath again “huhuhuhuuuuuuh”. 🙂

We are fast FAST FAST approaching 1 year(s) <~~ I always add the s and Jason always corrects me! I don’t know why I do it! Here is what Caleb has been up to in the last few months. 🙂

In February you became mommies first baby she has ever cloth diapered. Daddy did not think I could do it but 3 months later and we are doing pretty well!

On March 27 you officially crawled.

April 16 you waved “bye bye” and it was the cutest! The pediatrician is very impressed with your hand coordination. 😉

I lost track of exactly when all your current teeth came in because you have 5 now and they just came so fast!

At 9 months you started weaning from nursing and moving towards solid foods and formula. You eat like a champ! Whatever we’re eating you want and you like. Basically, you’ll eat anything and it’s fantastic!

The beginning of May you pulled yourself up for the first time, on NeeNa’s dishwasher. Now you have successfully pulled up on chairs, the couch, and your crib rail. I can tell you are figuring out how to walk your feet as you hang on to the couch. Summer by the pool should be AwEsOmE 😉

You also have made it up 2 steps of our stairs, yikes!

You now enjoy drinking out of a straw, that’s fun to watch! You still seem surprised by the cold beverage that comes up it!

Best of all you FINALLY are saying “momma”!! It started mid cry, you would be all “mmmmmm mum mum mum mumm aaaa”. So I jumped on that and you have perfected it now and don’t always only say it when you’re boo hooing. Hey I will take what I can get.

Honestly though all these mile stones may be the beginning of watchful eyes but I am so grateful you are a healthy, happy, developing baby boy. And quite handsome too. 🙂

Thankful to the One everything comes from, every single day.


Baby Caleb’s Room

Well the first thing you may notice is the fact that our baby finally has a name! So exciting 🙂 We chose Caleb for a couple of reasons. Mainly because once again it was the ONLY name Jason liked that I suggested. I have always loved the name though because it’s in the bible, Hebrew origin, means loyal, I mean Caleb was a pretty cool guy back in the Old Testament. And him and JOSHUA (my nephew who will be arriving any day) will hopefully be just as cool and close as the originals. 😉

We still haven’t nailed down a middle name but hey we have 41 days to do that!

So it’s not COMPLETELY finished, there are a few more things I want to add to Caleb’s nursery but all the important pieces are there so I thought I would go ahead and share them with you all.

So when I did his name I bought rectangle wood pieces from Michaels $1.99 each, used the same paint as we did on the dresser, antique white. I bought his letters, $2.99 each and I stained them Mahogany Red, which we already had and it ended up matching his bed perfectly. 🙂 I love how it turned out. All for about $25.

We decided to use a dresser and night stand that we already had. So I wanted to use dark and off white pieces. We also left the molding up behind his crib because I felt like it helped tie in the furniture. His bedding is by Cocola and it’s called Snickerdoodle. I fell in love with it at Babies R Us but it was 200 dollars and did not include the bumper. When I went to purchase his crib at a local private retailer she had all her bedding on sale and she happen to have this set WITH a bumper, sheet, window valance, crib skirt, and it’s super plush quilt, all for $118. SOLD! It’s very neutral but all the different textures and patterns make it not boring and it’s very well made. I absolutely love this set.

Some friends for Caleb from the girls 🙂 I don’t think I ever blogged about this cat. I tried desperately to get Micaila to love him….. maybe Caleb will.

I plan to use one of these end tables and will doing something different on the other side of his crib. Just not sure what yet. Little books, blankets, and basket all from his shower. 🙂

Dresser works great for the changer! I received the pad cover off my registry at target. Thank you Jamie I LOVE it! It matches his bedding perfectly and it’s super soft. My sweet over priced diaper caddy, haha. Thanks Aunt Marybeth! Still need something on the wall…. soon to come. 😉

Collage that I may continue adding to. My mommy bought the cross 🙂 Definitely can’t wait to put pictures of him in some frames.

Hobby Lobby, half off, bought it for $15!

half off this too! $8 Love the elephants of course, Roll Tide.

Another Hobby Lobby purchase. Can’t remember the price, but it wasn’t more then $10 I’m sure. 😉

I made these with burlap fabric and glued the buttons and scrapbook letters on. Pinterest idea, love it!

And some simple off white curtains. We are also replacing the shades with normal ones that actually BLOCK light haha.

That’s all for now. His very neutral, plush, sweet nursery. I love it, can’t wait for him to be here in it! And a HUGE thank you to my parents and in-laws who donated money so I could purchase his crib and bedding. Seriously, thank you! I love you and feel so loved by you. 🙂