Our Family

The Grahams are comprised of myself and Jason, our 2 daughters, Micaila and Ryann, and our son, Caleb. We also have a Labrador Jake, who is one of the few house pets that we’ve managed to keep around for more then a few months.

Micaila is the oldest and Ryann is our now middle child. They are 18 months apart, which seemed so close at one time but what a sisterhood they have. Such a blessing!


Caleb was born July 6, 2012. Let’s just say, God is using him to humble me in parenting. He is hilarious and delightful all the while being equally a strong-willed, boyish, mess. 😉

Some of these photos are old but I kind of love them. This photo is on our mantel. Jason’s mother was just visiting (March 2015) and we were laughing over how telling of the three it really was.

Our polar bear lab Jake. Before we had property I really did not care for this dog. Come to find out that once in his element he is quite pleasant. Labs need room for play 😃

Marley, was our first rescue cat from the pound. You should know that a few weeks before I actually hit and killed a cat that ran out in front of me. I drove by that cat for several days and just couldn’t handle it. I’m slightly nuts so it seemed rational and fair to go save a kitty on death row at the pound. I just have to keep this photo here for memory. She was a good cat and would have loved all the mice around here. Last summer after a bad storm (that shut our store down) we had the chance to rescue yet another cat, Milo. He was just a baby kitten and it didn’t matter that Jason said, “We are not keeping that cat.” hehe. It’s been almost a year. He has a bow tie collar. I think this is permanent. He is the best!

I thank you Lord for the family you’ve blessed me with. Equip me to care for them the way you would. In the way that reflects your love and compassion. For YOUR glory God.


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