Caleb turns 6!

Caleb, today you turn six. I can’t believe my baby boy is six. That adorable chubby, tractor loving boy is growing up so fast. No more baby chunk. And your love for tractors has been replaced by legos and a play station. Boohoo. Can we please bring the tractors back?! And now you are not the only boy. You are a big brother to two more boys! And I am happy to see you growing into that role. It’s truly wonderful when I see you running around chasing the little guys and I absolutely love hearing how tickled they get. I love when K requests that you come say goodnight to him and I love when you don’t want to go to bed because you want to keep playing with them. Sometimes they annoy you but I guess that’s what makes all this brotherly love genuine.

This year you completed preschool and I got to hear all.year.long. from your teachers what a sweet boy you are. In the beginning of the year I wondered how long they would be singing your praises, but sure enough your sweet compliant spirit carried through the entire year. They wanted a school full of Calebs! I have to say, you are a sweet, gentle, kind boy and I hope you become that kind of man when you grow up.

Speaking of your sweetness, one thing I want to highlight is your hugs. Every single morning the VERY first thing you do when you wake up is come straight to me and give me a great big morning hug. And you NEVER forget to tell me goodnight and give me like 6 hugs because you always need “just one more”. I love this so much.

We had a few milestones this year. You learned how to swim. You got your very first professional haircut. (Mommy now realizes she has no business cutting hair, haha!) You lost your first tooth and since then two more! You are champ at losing teeth by the way. You’re sisters hate it but you pull them out like a boss!

You still are so silly. It’s just who you are. You still make the funniest facial expressions. You’ve been talking about your birthday every day since last July and last night you asked me if I had gotten you any presents. (I haven’t) And when I said “How can I, I’m always with you?” You responded, “Well I sleep in pretty late.” Oh Caleb. You do typically have a reasonable answer to solve every problem.

Caleb you were ecstatic when mommy announced she was having a baby. And like us all you were sad when we lost the baby. But you know that baby is with Jesus. And every night you bring me my special bear that was given to me in the wake of our mourning. You understand when people are sad and you do what you know to do to offer comfort. I hope you remain sensitive like that always.

I love you buddy. Our whole family loves you so much. I pray you will always know how special and loved you are and how much I loved you being my baby boy for so long. I enjoyed you in ways I don’t think my young immature self could enjoy your sisters. I treasured my pregnancy and every day with you after because I was old enough to appreciate more of mothering. You are kind of the most “middle” child kid I know. You are between two sisters who are so close and two brothers that are so close but I pray you find how God wants to use you and your unique birth ordered experience. I pray you entrust your life to him. Your strengths and your weaknesses. That’s always my prayer for you kiddos. I love you so very much! Happy 6th Birthday, to our first “buddy”. (And now I’ll go have a good cry)


2 thoughts on “Caleb turns 6!

  1. Happy Birthday, Caleb! I love your hugs and smiles for Neena! Your little mischievous, yet winsome ways of getting me to give you something or let you do something. I love your eyes that remind me of your sweet Neenee. Your capacity to misplace things that reminds me of … well, me! You are all boy and yet able to go with your sisters flow. 😀 You are mommy’s sweetheart and daddy’s big boy! May God grow you in wisdom and stature and grant you a heart for Jesus!❤️ And now I’m going to go have a good cry!

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