The Pros Of Stuffed Animal Hoarding

That moment you post a blog (twice! On accident, so sorry) and it’s definitely not finished 😂 Okay, now I’m ready for this thing to be “posted”.

This is meant for sheer amusement and my memory. My children, especially my daughters, find more delight in stuffed animals. They have way.too.many. And I’d be lying if I said I had nothing to do with it. We buy them, build them, and win them out of those grab machines. Apparently I’m quite gifted with the claw. But we can’t resist. They play with them for hours on end and derive so much enjoyment out of every single animal. They are all special and on the rare occasion when I can sneak a few in a donation box, the girls will reminisce on that special animal, where it came from, and how “mommy sent it away.” 😁

I’ve been accumulating snap shots lately of their play time and let me just tell you, what these photos show is completely the norm around here. There are always, always stuffed animals everywhere, doing something extraordinary.


Getting married…..

Or trying to find a new home….

Or having a sleep over. This is like a scene in “Where’s Waldo?” Can you spot both my girls in that twin bed with all those animals? Seriously, I didn’t realize it at first either. Why would someone choose to sleep like this?

Just chillin.

Oh then there’s the babies. That’s another story.

Or maybe they are lining up for a parade. The other day, there was like 75 lined up at the back door, heading out for a picnic. Definitely had to draw the line there…. Dogs would have had a field day and I would have been picking up everyone’s insides lol!

These are definitely sweet moments I don’t want to forget. Does it get annoying sometimes when I can’t see the floor because it’s covered in 150 teddy bears? Yes. But one day when the house is too quiet and too clean because my kids are not little anymore, I know I will miss these furry friends parading around. 


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