Daughters of All Kinds: The Thank You They’d Like to Say.

Dear Nana,

I was observing you today….. And I want you to know I learned so many wonderful things. I witnessed with a fresh perspective how you gave of yourself from the moment your feet hit the floor till you lay your tired head down at night. I watched you love and nurture all those grand babies by feeding, changing, swinging, hugging, kissing, nap giving, inquiring, complementing, encouraging, and feeding, again. I watched you balance  your grand parenting by not coddling or over indulging but giving freedom for them to learn, grow, and be independent. Yet, you know just the right time to peek in, lovingly correct, or wipe away tears and give Popsicles for good measure. All the while maintaining a smile and your sense of humor. What an example you gave me for embracing the role as a wife and mother. You make sure to have dinner ready whether it’s for two people or eight or eighteen and it amazes me how flexible you are if plans change unexpectedly. When you begin to get tired you don’t gripe or complain you just “do the next thing.” Oh how many notes I took of you and the grace you operate from, through the power of His Spirit. And in the midst of all the activity with kids and babies and parents coming in and out, you take delight in making your husband happy and ensuring his needs are met, too. In doing all this it occurred to me that you are not only loving your grand children you are loving your own children, just as you have for so many years.

If I haven’t said thank you in awhile it’s probably because words are just not even adequate in expressing how truly grateful I am for all you do. In fact sometimes I feel downright rotten after all you sacrifice for our family. You give and give and give and I sit and wonder “How will I ever convey to this incredible woman what she really means to me?”

Thank you for being there for my children when I am not. They love you so much and that brings joy to my heart because I know with you they are safe, treasured, and loved. Thank you for being a constant support in a multitude of ways. And please, keep those prayers coming!! I don’t know what I appreciate more, your care giving, or being a prayer warrior on my behalf. You are a source of strength for our family and that strength and love point me right to Jesus. You are truly a gift from God and I just want to go on record saying how much I love you and how thankful I am for you.

With love,

Daughters of all kinds


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