Life’s Splinters and The Fathers Care

Splinters are pesky things. Those little slivers of wood that slip right in to nag and throb relentlessly. Incredible how something so small lodges itself in places that seem impossible to retrieve. Typically either the beginning or end is showing itself just beyond tweezers reach, right below the surface of your skin. Ugh. And this skin that was so easily punctured, yet now,….tough as an old leather boot. Caleb got a doozy of a splinter in his foot on Friday. I can’t blame him for celebrating the sunshine and warmth by kicking off his shoes because let me tell you we are so ready for spring!!! 🙂 🙂 But then came the crying and the bleeding and this small limb hanging out the bottom of his foot. At first it didn’t seem that bad, pulled it right out….. Until we rinsed him off and realized there was a good chunk still left.

So you know,…we did what any parents would do,….sit him down and break out the “scalpel”. Which seemed like a great plan at the time. However, Caleb turned into the Hulk….

No seriously, this is not an exaggeration. Don’t all children acquire super-human strength in the midst of pain and resistance?

So yeah, we were a little concerned he or we were going to be injured in this process. After a trip to the urgent care and getting referred to the hospital (yes you read that right, the ER for a splinter. Right?!) we have opted to try some home remedies. Which requires a lot of patience. A lot of care and tending to. We’re soaking, we’re drawing (prid and Epsom salt if you’re curious), we’re bandaging, we’re praying and we’re waiting. Caleb asks me each time in his little three year old way “Will it be hurt? Will it come out?” And I remind him “It will come out eventually, but this takes time and yes it will hurt but not forever.” And in fear of the pain he cries and we calm him down. “It’s okay, don’t worry. It’ll be alright.” It’s only been 4 days and it feels like this thing has been stuck there forever!

Caleb doesn’t understand the process of pulling this splinter out because he is only three. He only knows that it hurts, it’s hindering him and he’d like for it to be gone.

I don’t know about you but I have some splinters in my life. Splinters can be anything from consequences of sin to byproducts of living in a fallen world. Like most people there are some things I just want gone. They hurt and they seem like a hindrance. Sometimes I don’t understand the process of removing these splinters but my Heavenly Father does. He sees the whole picture. God even sees that these unwanted splinters provide opportunity for me to rely on Him, trust Him and bring Him glory, as I point to Him as my Source of everything I need. When I cry out to my Heavenly Father He hears me and cares for me. He washes my fear and pain with His Word. He sends His beloved bride, the body of Christ, to comfort me and tell me “it’s alright.” He reveals Himself through my patient husband and my sweet encouraging sisters in Christ. Is it slow? Yes. Does it hurt? Sometimes, yes. Will I trust His process? Yes! Will there be moments like Caleb where I am resistant, scared, and crying? Well it is me we’re talking about here….and who do you think Caleb got that from 😉 And you know what I love most about God. Where, truthfully, I would be tempted with my child as they kick and scream and resist to say “Fine. Leave it there. Don’t let me help you.” God does not respond that way. He is patient and understanding. He tenderly moves forward with the process; strengthening, comforting, drawing me to Him and thankfully, sanctifying.

I love what Jon Bloom says, “Whatever it takes, Lord, increase my delight in you as the greatest treasure of my heart.”

Maybe that pesky splinter is actually the thing that causes us to press into God and He become the greatest treasure of our heart.


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