Holy Week 2015: Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABecause I want Palm Sunday to ring bells of joy in my kids hearts. “It’s Holy Week!”

Because I want them to know what happened on Good Friday and grow deeper in their understanding of what this means for them as individuals.

Because I want Resurrection Sunday to be a huge deal in this house.

Because I want them to reflect on the days that led up to the biggest, best day, ever.

Because when Spring comes (and every day for that matter) I want our Savior to be the highlight.

Because if I there is an event that I invest my heart and soul into, this should be it!

Because I am in awe over what Christ has done for me and I want my kids to see that.

I want my kids to know Jesus, to encounter his love, to value what he did for them, for us all.

So we make crafts and visuals. We read. We talk. We pray. We eat. We sing. We mourn. And then…. we CELEBRATE.

He is Risen!

For ideas on how to make Holy Week even more meaningful in your home check out some of these sites. 🙂

A Holy Experience

Joyful Mama’s Place


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