9 years, no joke! ;-)


I do like this photo. And it’s our anniversary today so I’m feeling celebratory over this momentous occasion of 9 years in marriage. Because lets be real, marriage is hard! This photo is so totally one sided. I mean, where is the picture of me stewing in my quiet place, writing out all my marriage woes and asking the Lord “How am I supposed to love this man?!” Yeah we don’t tend to take those pictures. If I can be totally blunt with you let me just share that I have, in moments of conflict, thought to myself “Wow. This sucks.” But let me also share that following those thoughts I also think to myself “But what would be worse: Being alone. Not having my 3 children. Not having Jason to help me raise them because the Lord knows I’m better equipped to parent alongside him. Not having someone so close to me to sharpen me as a Christian.” Just to name a few. God knows me better than I know myself and he joined me to this man with purpose. And if you are married he has done the same for you. And yes, it’s hard. Harder, even, for some than others. It requires a whole lot of dying to self which personally speaking I’m not very good at. It doesn’t come naturally. But I love how Gary Thomas points out in Sacred Marriage the very real possibility that God designed marriage to make us holy (in holiness we reflect God) not necessarily happy. Though we can rejoice and delight in those times of happiness, let’s not depend on them. Happiness fluctuates, God is always the same. Happiness is a feeling, holiness is a characteristic. We must depend on the ever consistency of God. For better or for worse, in good times and bad, in sickness and health, till death do us part.

Preaching to myself here. 😉

I wanted to do something different to remember this anniversary by. So I’ve been working on a poem. Now, when you start giggling just remind yourself that I am not a poet. But I do like the challenge of expressing myself in rhyming poetic fashion. Plus it’s just fun! Enjoy! And pray for someone’s (or everyone’s) marriage today. 🙂 🙂

God knew all along, my earthly rock you were meant to be.
I had no idea how suited you were for the challenge of upholding me.

I love your quiet confidence that calms my anxious heart.
You wrap me with arms of assurance in moments that are dark.

You love me at my worst, when I’m fearful, unreasonable, or angry.
You annoy me with your smirk. I crack a smile, only you know this settles me.

I need your steady temperament; it draws in my big thoughts and feelings.
But God also knew you’d need me, to reveal things you may not be seeing.

You see, he uses all our differences, our rough edges he begins to smooth.
By rubbing us together, at points, a painful thing to do.

But slowly over time we fit more and more together.
God knew we’d take a while, that’s why he command we take forever.

My love for you is still growing. Who you are now and the man you’re becoming.
I pray for strength to build you up, as his sunrises each and every morning.

We’ll mess up here and there, in grace we’re learning to love, trust, and forgive.
Nine years in our marriage, I can confidently say, there is no one I’d rather do this with.

You can hardly prepare for what is to come, when walking down from that altar.
But God’s using you to make me more like Him and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

I love you Jason Graham. God’s grace abounds. Happy Anniversary!


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