Spring has come

The first day of Spring was Friday, March 20th. In our, newer, usual Graham fashion we rang it in in various ways. It’s been 3 or 4 years now that we have done eggs, candy, and baskets, as a Spring thing, in an effort to reserve Resurrection Sunday for Jesus. 🙂 Leading up to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday we do activities that focus and reflect on Jesus life, death and resurrection. You can find lots of fun stuff all over the internet that will draw your kids in and give you opportunities to share about His amazing love and sacrifice for us. I found this particular blog posts very helpful, insightful, and inspiring. She links lots of other great informative and inspirational sites. Joyful Mama’s Place I can’t wait to share about our Holy Week and what the Lord reveals to us and our children.

So it has become a first day of Spring tradition to dye and hunt eggs and let my sweet mother in law love on our kiddos with baskets filled with small treats. We had a lot of fun with that. Being older and more capable Caleb especially got a kick out of it this year. We didn’t use every square inch of the property but at one point we were scratching our heads over several missing eggs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


This boy….. always has his helmet on. Always.

The other new exciting spring tradition is baby chicks, though I don’t know if we will continue this annually. It hadn’t been a week and their chicky stench was already wafting through out our entire house. I’d like to see Febreze take on this challenge! After our experience last year I was trying to delay when we would get chicks to a warmer month so they wouldn’t have to spend much time inside. Well, when you find yourself one Sunday afternoon, at a tractor supply store, where day old chicks are being sold, that’s pretty much a losing debate. I may as well take the opportunity to introduce them to you. We bought six this time because that was the least amount you could purchase. Seriously, I just got swindled. We all know who the mother hen is gonna be for 6 weeks! There are four pullets (sex linked chicks that will be hens), the two yellows are Eleanor and Eloise and the two red-ish ones are Annabelle and Dove. The itty bitty chicks are Bantams and we will not know what they are until they crow or pop out an egg. Their names are Buttercup and Tiny. I will be rolling on the floor with laughter if Buttercup ends up a rooster. Ya know, half the fun of having chickens is naming them…. Kind of like having kids. Hehe.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur three white hens have finally started laying eggs. I skipped a day collecting and went down Saturday to find half a dozen beautiful white eggs waiting for me. Half a dozen sounds so much better than six, haha! I am pleasantly surprised that my aversion to eggs did not return this time. For some reason when Penny (bless her little chicken heart, RIP Penny) started laying I suddenly was revolted by eggs. I mean honestly! But this time we are all enjoying them. Don’t you wanna be my neighbor? 😉

I hope y’all are enjoying the onset of Spring, minus all that darn pollen! I need to go take a Zyrtec. 😉


2 thoughts on “Spring has come

  1. I just love you Katie Graham !!! Your chicken stories crack me up. And I’m so thankful for your love for Jesus and for teaching your children to give Him honor and glory on Easter weekend.

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