God’s design and 50 Shades

Hello everyone! I know right now a lot of us are being flooded by 50 Shades of Grey chatter. Oh wont it be so nice when all this hype has played out!? (how many books were there? :-/ ) I wanted to share something though that I heard the other day on my local Christian radio. There are two camps for 50 shades; those who like it and those who are completely revolted by it. Those that dislike like it tend to be very critical and harsh with those who do. The thing that I appreciated about these ladies is they are coming from a very non-judgmental, concerned, and compassionate place. I encourage you to listen to it even if you are confident with your stance in regards to the book. It revealed to me how I need to be praying for my sisters and brothers in Christ and marriages all over the world. They discuss the dangers of pornograpahy, erotica, and romance novels (both in and outside of marriage). They also talk about how we can have healthy, fulfilling, and godly sexual intimacy with our husbands. What marriage can’t benefit from that?! 😉 As they put it, there is a way to honor God with our sexuality. I hope you find it as insightful and encouraging as I did.




2 thoughts on “God’s design and 50 Shades

    • It’s definitely tough! I too struggle with being critical of others and I know that won’t be the spirit that wins them over it will be my compassion and love. Which may manifest best in a “quiet spirit” 😃

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