How does your garden grow?


On Jason’s day off and we did what any young, in love, married couple would do. We shoveled and spread horse manure. 😉 Just add it to the list of “Things I never thought I’d do”.

Though our garden was not a total bust last year, we had cucumber out the wazoo, the majority of our other crops didn’t fare as well. We were essentially “first timers” with limited knowledge and equipment. We are determined to have a successful flourishing garden come summer time. This year we’ve got ourselves a tractor and have done a little more research, though gardening books do not fascinate me all that much. Mostly we’ve talked with other individuals who know more. 😉 One of our sources is actually not with us anymore but his gardening reputation lives on. Jason’s Papaw was a big believer in horse manure being your best fertilizer. I’m sure a lot of gardeners agree, too. Since we just had some friends visiting in our pasture, we happen to have an abundance of free poop. Yay, aren’t we so lucky? 🙂 So when Jason, Caleb, and I had a wonderful morning walk, feeding the animals, and visiting the new baby cows, you can imagine how ecstatic I was at the idea of shoveling manure for the afternoon.


Spend the day side by side scooping poop? I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 🙂

A primary reason for getting all this property was to have outdoor activities that would keep us home more. I am finding such joy and contentment doing things around here, like gardening, with Jason and our kids. Yes, even shoveling horse dung. In the midst of our labor there is a sense of peace and freedom; something about the open air and space, I think. There is also a great feeling of productivity; this is part of the process of growing food. Not to mention just the pleasures of doing things with people you love. I’m glad that Jason’s enthusiasm for all this farm stuff is rubbing off on me because we do have a lot of fun together with it all. He especially likes to taunt me by catapulting doo-doo over the truck bed to see if it will hit me. He makes up for his boyish tactics by letting me enjoy the lighter work like running the tractor and disc plow to mix up the soil and manure.

photo 2

A little farm work can really help break up the monotony. Good times. 🙂

The girls were not sad to have missed out on all that fun but we did save some prep work for them. We want to grow our tomatoes from seed. We did this last year but we waited too long, sowed them directly in the ground, and produced like 4 green tomatoes. It was a sad day for our girl Ryann, who eats tomatoes by the handfuls. Needless to say we are getting those seeds going on time this year.



We also are trying out lettuce for the first time. I bought two kinds; Bibb lettuce (which we need to plant in the garden like yesterday) and Great Lakes (which we will start now inside with the tomatoes). I have not a clue what I’m doing with the lettuce. I looked for the closest thing to what I believe I eat in my salads haha!

We’ll see. 🙂 Any fellow gardeners out there want to chime in? What are some of your favorite crops? And more importantly, what’s your favorite fertilizer? 😉


One thought on “How does your garden grow?

  1. OMG, Katie Graham. I’m just getting around to reading this, and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard. You are a hoot !!! Love It !!!
    PS – Papaw is doing a “Happy Dance” in heaven !!!

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