Introducing, Melodious Mondays

A friend of mine that blogs does “Wordless Wednesday” where she only posts a picture or two. Sometimes it’s of something very natural, like a clear Texas sky. Sometimes it’s of her children. Sometimes it’s something like a cup of coffee. Whatever the picture is it speaks for itself, thus the name Wordless Wednesday. I like simple. 🙂 So I wanted to use the concept but with a different spin on it. I just like the idea of posting something and the reader (if any exist, ha!) allowing it to speak to them without my input. Sort of “This spoke to me maybe it will speak to you.”

Our family loves music. I mean like a lot. I can not tell you the hours Jason and I have spent singing, dancing, (silly, not like romantic dancing, please.) or sitting by a fire, listening to song after song after song. We talk about lyrics and what they mean to us and we unashamedly belt those lyrics out as if we were in the car alone. Sometimes Jason will learn guitar chords and then we really have a private concert going. I wish I could sing as well as he plays. One thing we like about this house is sitting on the porch and enjoying our music loud and proud under a clear sky and only the cows to complain. Music is just wonderful and I have no problem making a joyful noise whatsoever, hehe.

So I thought I would share our love for music here. Music is incredibly influential in my life and there are so many wonderful songs out there so on Mondays, hopefully weekly, I will post one. My hope is that you’ll find it to be uplifting and encouraging. And more importantly that it would lead you in praise and adoration of our gracious Savior. That’s what I love about music. It blows my mind how people are able to put into lyrics things I feel but can hardly verbalize much less formulate into a song. So, here’s to the new “Melodious Mondays”. I pray it blesses you and your Monday. 😉

This song we’ve all heard but what is said in this live version before they sing is so awesome. You’ll listen to the song with new understanding. Oceans by Hillsong United, enjoy!


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