Christmas Eve and Day photos

Because I admire my humorous and honest side. I hold it back too much these days. A fun look back at Christmas’s past 🙂

Graham's in His Grace

It’s crazy, the least planned and definitely littlest effort photo shoots go the best. Karen was able to snap a few great pictures of everyone so I was pretty excited. Micaila did well up until the last 5 shots….. the kid must have a photo limit….

oh happy family, pictures make everything look so perfect and easy. So not! 😉

I mean definitely worth it of course. 🙂

I know in about 10 years I’m going to look back on these pictures of Micaila with lots of tears. Seriously, not even 5 years old yet….

Oh my Always-Sleeping-Beauty

Give me a nice grapey kiss Riley 😉

My beautiful mommy.

Ryann and Aunt Karen. Ryann is already in Pajamas, haha.

Back at NeeNee and PawPaw’s, Micaila writes to Santa. Yes, Santa. Not a tradition passed along from the White side, is all I’m gonna say. No it’s not all I’m going…

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