The Odom Wedding :)

This past weekend the kids and I drove down to Tampa to celebrate a wedding. My beautiful cousin Kimi and her sweet husband Justin, who also happens to be adorable. 🙂 Kimi and Justin remind me so much of Jason and myself. Cute-young-albeit naive-love. They started dating when they were 15 and now are married at 19. This is probably even more abnormal than it was when Jason and I got married but I have to say I am probably their biggest cheerleader wether they know it or not.

Having walked a similar road with absolutely no regrets I have full confidence that they are going to have a fruitful beautiful marriage. We live in a culture that is very consumed with self. For crying out loud the word of the year is “selfie” and I had actually not heard that word used without a hint of sarcasm until this weekend. Getting married launches you to a place where you must learn to be selfless. I look at Kimi and Justin, who to some seem maybe too young to marry, and I just smile because I know from experience that marrying so young was a catalyst in my dependence on Christ and my spiritual growth. Honestly…. I shutter at the thought of what my spiritual condition would be had I not married so young and become a mother early. That just gives you insight to where I was before God sovereignly led me into marital and parental bliss. 😉 I believe that even as they navigate the difficult moments in marriage that nothing but good will come out of it as they learn to lay down themselves for each other. And I can already see two people who are committed to doing that. Certainly not everyone should walk the aisle young, however, Kimi and Justin know each other as well as 2 people CAN know each other outside the bonds of marriage and it’s obvious that they completely adore one another. Kimi reminds me of me,….. My mom use to compare my love toward Jason to the unrelenting grip of an alligator! LoL! The point being that in the context of relationship and specifically our beloved, there is a strength and determination, Kimi will never give up on this love she has for Justin. And Justin reminds me of Jason, he has a natural inclination towards loyalty and faithfulness. Gentler than us gator types! 😉 I don’t know him well but anyone that shakes his hand would be able to sense this. And yes, imperfect, like Jason and I, who are STILL overcoming challenges, selfishness, and learning new things in our marriage daily, Justin and Kimi will also experience the inevitable ups and downs of being with each other every day for the rest of their lives. They will learn the dance of marriage. There will be twirling, dipping, dropping, embracing, leaping, and stepping on toes. As they keep moving forward, their dance won’t be with out flaws but it will become smoother and they will learn each other’s movements, compensate for each other’s mistakes, and learn to lift each other up with grace as long as they look to Christ for guidance through out their dance. He’s our instructor, coordinator, teacher.

I am so proud of them for making this sacred life long commitment to each other and to God. I can not wait to see how God molds and shapes them and grows them deeper in love with each other and most importantly deeper in love with HIM. Of all the relationships in the world, marriage is probably the one that can most often force you into complete dependence on Christ alone, so I say go for it! And we are here for you, praying for you and cheering you on!

We love you Kimi and Justin! Congratulations! ‬


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