The beginnings of Farm Life

Howdy folks! Trust me when I say you would probably never hear those words utter across my lips in real life but whatevs! 😉 Today I have a pretty fun link to share. After swapping silly videos with my mom, to which she then shared with maybe even some of you via Facebook, I decided to put together this cute video of our family doing what we do around the property. (This one is different! I revised it and added different shots. I’m getting better at this whole movie making thing, lol!)

We are such baby farmers you guys, so just “oooo” and “awww” over how cute and ignorant we are in these beginning years.

“Bless their heart!” 😉

I truly had to call Jason the other day for step by step directions on how to work our old John Deere. That’s when my tractor tutorial came on the scene. Hey I totally could have used one! 😉

I hope you can tell that we are completely enjoying all that God has given us in this home. It really is a lot of hard work but its producing such wonderful disciplines in us all. I have been blown away over the responsibility it’s developing in our kids and I know Jason has been blown away over the sweat that’s been produced on my part. Haha! After putting together these clips I wished I had taken video of some of the more back breaking labor that took place several months ago. The gorgeous fence that surrounds our property was built post by post, board by board, by Jason and his dad. And then took several months to paint. Many hands, hours, sweat and tears went into that fence but can we say “wow!” It’s a thing of beauty. And hopefully one day it will hold a large animal. The cute little shed barn was built by Jason and I do believe his cousin helped put up the framework. And believe it or not I helped build the pen/petting zoo. Like a hammer, tool belt and everything. I have been so proud of Jason’s craftsmen ship. He is so gifted, patient, and persistent with his work. And to think, God just recently placed him in the car biz!

Oh my goodness I am hopping all over the place in this post. All I was planning to do was share a link. This seems to happen with me…..

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video. If you dislike country music like some of my sweetest friends I do hope you’ll bare bear? hang in there with it.

And as a side note I have had a ton on my heart lately, specific people, situations and topics, been praying a lot (especially while mowing!) I have read like 4 books recently that I want to share about in more detail in case any one needs a good read. 😉 I have been wanting to come write but can’t seem to get a clear vision on what to write. So I just will wait till the Spirit helps me discern all that. I always appreciate those of you who read here, your comments and texts encourage me. It’s just always so awesome to see how God uses his people to make HIS glory known. Anyway, sorry to, again, be jumping all over the place! Love to you all!

Have a giggle! Farm Life Video!


3 thoughts on “The beginnings of Farm Life

  1. Omgosh Katie, that video was so adorable. Your kids are growing so big and beautiful! I love your new place it looks so lovely and spacious!

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