Ryann is 6 :)

20140814-090841-32921814.jpgToday is Ryanns birthday and she is now 6 years old.

Ryann you have always been our smiley girl. You were graced with an extra amount of sweetness and charm. Those qualities were also a blessing to me and made transitioning to 2 children a little bit smoother. Since you and your sister were only 18 months apart, you developed a “go with the flow” personality pretty early on. Example: your ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, any cock eyed position, has been a defining quality of yours that we still smile about to this day. Weening your big sis off her paci required we take yours as well. It was no big deal to you, that just meant you could smile more and talk sooner! Which neither of these two have you stopped doing since. Talking, smiling, SINGING, and giggling. You are such a silly girl! Sometimes I have to be intentional at enjoying your silly-ness. Often I have to pause the serious tone I tend to take on life and just get silly. This is such a good thing and I am so glad you bring me to silly places with you. You love to draw. Have for awhile now. And you are getting so good at it too! You love all our new animals including and especially your little hen Chippy. You are a wonderful and thoughtful sister. When we are out just the two of us you always are considerate of Micaila and bringing her home something special. During the summer time you would wake up before everyone and go get Caleb out of bed. Then you would come down and make the two of you toaster waffles with out any help from anyone. You are (not perfectly) but usually very patient with Caleb, playing with him, helping him, and teaching him new things. I admire both you and your big sisters’ responsibility so much. On the other hand it is crazy how mature you are becoming. I am so grateful for every year God has given us with you. I pray that all these sweet qualities you possess would flourish as you grow and I pray you would learn early that God wants to use both your strengths and weaknesses to bring you close to him. Ryann I hope you will channel all the unique God given traits of yours into places and purposes that honor Him. I hope you will always remain true to how God designed you, his will for you, and that your deepest desire would be to know God, to love him, and glorify Him with your whole life.

I started singing this song to you before bed and it’s become a favorite. I hope you will cling to these scripture inspired lyrics through out your life.

We set our hope on You
we set our hope on Your love
we set our hope on the One
Who is the everlasting God
You are the everlasting God

We love you so much! Happy 6th Birthday Ryann!


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