Summer Family Fun 2014

This past weekend has been one I will definitely cherish. To better recall it in the future I am blogging about it here. Because as I’ve stated before, this blog is a means to track this crazy-messy-wonderFULL of God given grace- Georgia Graham life. πŸ™‚

I have had the privilege of sharing our new home with my parents, my oldest brother and his wife and children. It has been such a treat! We currently have not made many (and by that I mean zero) friends here. We are still looking for a church home and that is more than likely where we will form a lot of new friendships. So we haven’t gotten to have people over much yet. (Feel free to visit us friends!) I really enjoyed hosting and doing my best to serve my family in whatever capacity I could. Cooking is always more fun for me when I’m cooking for family and friends. πŸ˜‰ I am so grateful that God not only created us but he gave us family. And whether our “family” is blood or some very amazing friendships with a depth and love that resembles family, it’s all from God. God created man and our chief purpose is to love and honor God which is primarily conducted through relationship. Family and friends are such a gift. I am so thankful for all the people in my life.

My parents are staying through the week but my brother, his wife and their 3 youngest children came for the weekend. They have a son who had made a prior commitment and we missed having him but look forward to when he is able to have a visit with us in the future. So we had 6 children, 6 adults, and never a dull moment. Two 2 year olds, a 4 year old, two almost 6 year olds, and a 7 year old. I love having a big family. It is so much fun to see all the personalities and interaction between the kids and the adults. My sister in law, Jamie, is so crafty and thoughtful and came with beautiful gifts bags full of bows (that she made) and polish and gorgeous hand made picture frames for my girls. She spent several hours painting nails, faces, and even giving me a little mini makeover. πŸ™‚ I am so thankful God gave me sister in laws that didn’t just marry into our family but have truly become like sisters. My niece and nephews bring a special “White family” πŸ˜‰ kind of life and excitement. We had so much fun introducing them to our animals and letting them have a little part in feeding, gardening, 4 wheeling, berry picking, firefly catching and front porch rocking. It was wonderful to spend so much time with my brother, CJ. He normally spends long hours at work or studying for his seminary classes. So it was nice getting 3 full days with all of them. I just love waking up and having people to drink coffee with. And I particularly enjoyed the couples time that Jason and I had with CJ and Jamie. It’s rare the 4 of us get a moment alone but we had some good late night chats and laughs that mean a whole lot to me. I’m so glad they made it up for a visit this summer.

We celebrated Independence Day. Which next year I want to be more intentional with my family about why we celebrate. The girls are getting old enough to understand the sacrifices people made for our freedom and I want to be continually instilling in all of us appreciation and thanks for the freedom we have in our country and also the freedom we have in Christ. I am guilty of reminding myself what individuals gave up for us and I do want to take the time to reflect AND celebrate. So THANK YOU to all who serve, have served, or have family who served. I don’t know that I’ll ever fully understand the magnitude of your sacrifices, I have not experienced the weight of the loss involved but I know that we are incredibly blessed by all who have played a role in serving and protecting our country. Thank you!

We also celebrated Caleb’s birthday. My baby boy is 2 now! So hard to believe. Caleb, you my boy are your daddy’s son. You love all things loud, dirty, athletic, adventurous, and most of all for now, all things tractor. I am thrilled to be your mommy and to be partnered with God and your daddy in raising you to be exactly who God intends for you to be. We pray you become a man that loves Jesus with everything you have and that you find your own unique way of living out how much you love God and his people.

Here are some fun pictures from our special weekend. πŸ™‚


















3 thoughts on “Summer Family Fun 2014

  1. Hey Katie, it’s Kristine Dugas from Tampa πŸ™‚ I’ve been reading your blogs, they are always so uplifting and inspiring πŸ™‚ How awesome that you live on a farm, bet everyone is loving that! What part of Georgia is this?

  2. Hey Kristine!! How is your sweet family?! We should email and catch up πŸ™‚ we live in a little town called Lindale. It’s very close to Rome, GA. About an hour northwest of where we were in Dallas. I hope everyone is well!

  3. I LOVE this!! Nothing like time with family!! Do you still have my email address? If so, can you shoot an email my way! I’m participating in a “blog hop” and thought of you! Let me know if you wanna join in!

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