That’s What Country Is

I have been wanting to write little posts here and there about the differences of our country life. Some of my favorite (and sometimes not so favorite) aspects of living in such a rural area is natures little surprises……

Like fireflies at dusk. I have yet to get a picture that adequately reveals the magnificence of these glowing bugs. It’s something we have started to look forward to every summer evening. We had fireflies at our old house but the massive amount of flickering bulbs here is just incredible. All spread out glittering across the open pasture. And the kids, as you can imagine, get so excited to catch them. Ok maybe not just the kids. It had Jason and I discussing “I wonder what a fireflies purpose is?” To which I resolved “I think they are just one of Gods gifts. Like, here you go, a really cool bug that lights up and doesn’t bite. Enjoy children!” They are seriously the most awesome source of entertainment.




20140623-125616-46576946.jpgAnd how bout at least 50 or more berry trees! We just discovered this a few days ago. Black berries!! Everywhere! Pretty much my favorite! Jason was skeptical but I’m happy to say that I survived eating one. Golden. πŸ˜‰ They aren’t quite ready to pick but come harvest time I’ll be taking orders.πŸ˜ƒ

20140623-125714-46634192.jpgSome of natures surprises I’m not so crazy about…. House mice. I think we have finally squared that issue up. But for the first few months we had some knock-down drag-out matches, barricaded in the laundry room or a closet or wherever. Mice 7 J and K 0. We wised up real quick with some traps. However we realized old school was the way to go. We had bought these spiffy traps that you don’t have to see the mouse dead and Jason watched one walk in, grab some dinner, and waltz right out. Unscathed, uncaught. Blast!! Now we suck it up with the viewing and toss the little dead boogers in the trash. Sorry Stewart.

The other friends I refuse to make nice with are the snakes. It’s a love hate relationship, since I know they help with the previous annoyance I discussed. The first time I spotted one after Caleb and I had fed the chickens. Caleb was headed for the house like a big cowboy does, by his lonesome, and as I was coming behind I see this giant snake off to my left. For all I knew it was most definitely some sort of poisonous anaconda out to eat my baby boy. I high tailed it to the house and swooped up Caleb in a jiffy. Of course I inform Jason “bring your ax! Or something! :-/ ” it ended up being a rat snake and he had just feasted on a big one. His belly was stuffed! Eww. I just don’t do snakes. But we did all congregate around him so everyone knew what to look out for. Just Sunday afternoon Jason went out the front door and with a big “whoa!” And “do not go out there!” He went around back. Not cool. Fortunately another rat snake, fine dining on our porch.


20140623-125837-46717951.jpgWe did make it out to our very first cattle auction but sadly came home empty handed. We plan on getting two baby calves for our pasture. We desperately need help keeping the grass down and our fine neighbor suggested raising a couple calves and later selling them to recuperate the cost and also get a freezer full of meat! I can’t imagine what it will be like sending ol’ bessy off to the slaughter house, probably best not to name them. 😁




20140623-125953-46793772.jpgOur chickens are doing fantastic. They are so spoiled. We feed them leftovers all the time. They happen to love chicken…. Kinda weird. No eggs yet but it shouldn’t be long.



20140623-130057-46857207.jpgLast but not least, Sunday Jason went out and came home with this sweet little guy. He’s a pigmy goat. We named him Ramsey. πŸ™‚ He really only serves as a pet. Jason hasn’t come around to letting me get something I could milk lol! But the way I see it, pigmy goat now…. Dairy cow later? Hehehe He is great fun for the kids. Anything that keeps us outside I say “bring it on!”πŸ˜ƒ


20140623-130342-47022446.jpgThat’s all for now from the Graham Farm!


2 thoughts on “That’s What Country Is

  1. We moved from an area that was much more “city” to a small townish type of place at the beginning of this year. We don’t have farm animals or field mice, but we have definitely noticed a difference. For us, it’s the bugs. June Bugs congregate on the front porch and it freaks me out. What bothers me most of all though are the spiders. They are everywhere! My neighbor says to leave the ones that find their way inside alone because they’ll eat anything else that tries to get in but I’m still convinced that they are plotting to kill us, lol! I think snakes would set our family over the edge though, haha! You guys are awesome for letting the kids congregate around and showing them what to watch out for. My gut reaction would have been to go screaming in the opposite direction terrified! πŸ™‚ Country living looks good on you guys!

    • Aww thank you!! As my best friend put it “I am amazed at how well and fast you have transitioned into country folk.” Hehe! I totally know what you mean about the bugs too. We have definitely made some trade offs πŸ˜‰

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