Good bye De Vil

Cruella who?

Yesterday I posted about those not-so-super-mom moments I struggle with. Maybe you can relate to the scenario. All seems well and than you get hit by a land mine of emotional stress, anxiety, frustration and you are certain in that moment someone needs to be on the receiving end of it to make you feel better. In a rational thoughtful state you know that’s not the truth but you lash out anyway overcome by your emotions and it only makes you feel worse, sending you down the guilt ridden road accompanied by a long list from the Accuser himself.

I identified what I view as contributors to the scenario for me personally but after some thought I realize this is a specific, reoccurring area of sin that I am not content to just hope goes away or think thoughts like “I’ll do better next time.” In fact as I am reading through this book The Pursuit of Holiness I am reminded that it’s my responsibility to take Spirit filled action and be prepared to not give in to the sin of anger.

So maybe you can relate and that’s why I thought I would follow up my post and share here how I hope to become a more spirit controlled mommy when that moment of stress overcomes me. So how might one combat this? Well my very sweet friend who often acts more as a mentor to me than she realizes was sharing with me something she was doing through a marriage Bible study/book. And I thought “what a fantastic tangible intentional way to actively participate in battling this area of sin I am dealing with.” So here is my spin off of what my friend shared with me. Oh and ps, just another wonderful reason to have Christian women in your life who want to run this race as hard (and sometimes harder) than you do. So often we build up and encourage each other when we don’t even realize it. What a blessing! That’s all God and he wants us to have deep godly friendship. 🙂

I wrote down on an index card the struggle. All of it. How, I do not want to be impatient or use angry frustrated tones with my children. That I know it’s not edifying and I know God has called me to a higher standard and he also provides a different path than to give in and lash out. And then you look up verses that will help you in that moment to choose what Christ wants you to choose. Here’s my spiffy card.

The next part is to carry it with me EVERYWHERE. Memorize the scripture. Have the card on hand if not IN hand so that when the moment comes your better choice is right in front of you. So far I am seeing the good fruit Spirit filled actions produce. Like when Caleb scribbled all over it 5 minutes after I wrote it up. ❤️😃

20140621-183051-66651474.jpgThere are many other ways we can work through temptation and walk the path of obedience this is just one. I hope it strengthens and encourages you as it has me.


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