Lord keep making me…..

It seems like every time I come to write it’s been awhile since the last post. Forgive the lack of fluency going on here. I never know if I should just go with the post that was prompted on my heart or give an update on our life and then I’m thinking “I mean who reads this anyway? Does it even matter what I post!” haha! My dreams of being a professional blogger are dissolving rapidly 😉 I’m not forcing anyone to read my jibber jabber but I do enjoy writing so here I go again.

“This is my wife Katharyn…..”

Wait? What? I mean “Howdy! Nice to meet you.”

That was how Jason introduced me to the first person we met here in Lindale. (where is the laughing-crying emoticon when you need it) I know that IS my name but outside of close friends or family using it as sort of my pet nickname, I have not been called Katharyn since Elementary school,….. when, I was too shy and embarrassed to inform my class that I actually go by Katie not Katharyn.

Katharyn of Lindale y’all! 🙂 We are here!!!! Oh it is good to be in our home. Everything about this move was SURPRISING. Nothing really went they way we thought it was going to and it just testifies God’s sovereign will. One day I hope to tell more thoughts and details but that will have to wait.

Can I just tell you that we are relishing in this country life. Jumped in with both feet and boots on. Oh I wish I had thought to make a cute picture of all 5 of our muddied up boots! Oh well.

Truth is the first week after our closing I had quite a melt down. (as if that’s new! 😉 ) All the things I knew that were about to take place, new school, new church, new friends, (new name??? hehe, not really) came full force to stare me in the face and say “Are you SURE you want to do this?!” I SOBBED as I spent the last few nights with my cousin Nicole wondering “Are we about to ruin our life?!?!” I’m such a melodramatic. I mean come on! This was when I needed a swift kick in the rear that told me “Suck it up buttercup!” And the Lord was quick to remind me that in every weak area of my life was an opportunity for his presence and power to be made known. I was feeling fearful, anxious, doubtful, overwhelmed and depressed. And God tenderly took me and said “Trust me. Believe me.” Often times that’s right where he wants us. Broken down to become fully surrendered to him so that HE is glorified. I read a blog from John Piper that was the best segue for a new year. I encourage you to read it if you feel prompted. Don’t Waste Your Weakness in 2014

As I write this post that song from Sidewalk Prophets is playing in my head.
Make me empty
So I can be filled
Cause I’m still holding
Onto my will
And I’m completed
When you are with me
Make me empty

Till You are my one desire
Till You are my one true love
Till You are my breath, my everything
Lord, please keep making me

Make me lonely
So I can be Yours
Till I want no one
More than You, Lord
Cause in the darkness
I know You will hold me
Make me lonely

It’s a beautiful song but it’s a much easier to sing than to really mean. Being broken and empty and alone is a tough place for anyone to be. We all have different things in life that take us to that place and I know personally when God takes me to a “dark” place, I’m initially gritting my teeth and digging in my heels. It’s in our broken down humbled state that we find such closeness with God and there isn’t anything sweeter than that. Thank goodness the Lord is so patient and faithful.

So we are trying to get settled in to this new lifestyle. We have big aspirations for how we want to use this property that the Lord has entrusted to us. I mean I have SO MANY ideas!!! And my personality wants to do it all NOW! Once again I am trying to develop patience and believe in God’s sovereign timing. So we are hard at work, taking one thing at a time. Or 4 little fluffy things at a time……
Meet Peck. He’s one of our first additions to what we soon hope will be a little mini farm.IMG_1022
Here’s Chippy. How cute are they?
The whole gang. The other two the girls let their cousins name. They chose Penny for the black one who is definitely a hen and Abney for the gray one. We will know what the rest are when they start “crowing” or not. Around 18 weeks the hens will start laying eggs. We will see how the whole egg consumption goes and decide whether or not to get more. The thought of having chickens of our own giving us eggs is so exciting!

As I type Jason and his dad are building a fence for our property. Hopefully in the near future we wont have to rely on our neighbors cows visiting and we can have our own herd. Yeah that’s right. One rainy afternoon I looked out our back door and their were several of our neighbors cows just helping themselves to a few snacks.
This is the kind of thing that gets me so tickled over living here. I just love it!

Some of my other favorite things…..
#KatharynofLindale 😉
Soon it’ll be “I’ll take you for a ride on my big green tractor…” IMG_1276IMG_1277
I know I really need to get my good camera out. The quality of these photos are subpar. IMG_1148
We seriously only come inside to sleep.
Now I had to post this. We have enough land that if we aren’t using a 4 wheeler to get from one side to the other we’re in the truck. So my first time trying out the 4 wheel drive one evening and this happens. Seriously, I’m living a country song. You get pretty close to your neighbors when you’re calling to be pulled out of a mudhole in your own backyard. Lesson #437 Just laugh.
Completely normal Saturday morning.
Figured while I’m at it here’s an updated picture of the kiddos. They are just getting so big. This was before we went skating for Micaila’s 7th birthday.

I really hope I can be more consistent again with blogging. I miss it! But right now God has been working on my heart about being more present with my family and the people around me. I am easily distracted by many things. But I am at that place again where I’m asking God “Ok you made me this way, how do you want to use me? Where do you want me investing time, energy, resources ect?” I always appreciate the encouragement that I receive in regards to my blog. I don’t know everyone who keeps up with this but when I get those encouraging messages I do feel a sense that God gave me the gift and love for writing and maybe he wants to use that gift in this blog to bring him glory. That is all I want this blog to do. Point others to him. Trying to take this opportunity of “new-ness” and allow the Spirit to reveal where he wants me to be.


3 thoughts on “Lord keep making me…..

  1. I always love coming to catch up with your life through your blog! I know it’s silly considering I am not much older than you, but I am so happy to see how you have “grown up” into such a wonderful wife/mother/person.

    How exciting that you guys have land! That sounds amazing! How far away did you move? I can’t wait to see pictures of the house and property!

    • Thanks Samantha! It’s fun getting comments from you 🙂 we moved about 45 minutes more north west of where we were in Dallas. It’s wonderful being on some land! Taking suggestions on “farm” names 😉

  2. So are you still in Georgia? Or in Texas? How much land do you have? I would LOVE to have some acreage to roam!! So exciting. We have cows (that are kept at my in laws, that we are on a milking rotation with my family and Brian’s parents) and chickens (that I have nothing to do with because they really really freak me out, but I do enjoy their eggs… haha.)

    I’ll think up farm names…

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