My friend Kaitlyn shared this John Piper teaching with me a week or so ago and I got to sit down yesterday and listen to it. To say it was good is putting it mildly. It was awesome. It was convicting and encouraging and I just admire how John Piper just calls it like it is. I needed this. Worth every single minute of your time.

And lets face it sometimes as mothers we have to be creative and intentional (my favorite word!) with our time. Heres an example of what I mean.

The girls are in school now which does relieve me of 2 children for quite a few hours but I still have baby boy and little girl. We still have laundry to wash (more now with an additional child and you can’t repeatedly wear your favorite jammie’s or jumper to school. You actually have to bathe and change clothes. I know, madness! 😉 ) I still have a house to keep up, a hubby to care for, we all have our lists ya know. And I am honored and blessed to have been given these lives and responsibilities to care for.

I’m sitting here 3 days later from when I started this blog. I have 5 little ones in my presence and I’m overwhelmed at the thought that I am investing in a future generation. Seriously, God has entrusted me with so much, and that is something to smile over.

So I started this teaching during nap time and was actually privileged to a moment on the couch but we had to be in Court for our little girl that afternoon so I had to get ready. So as awkward as this sounds I brought John with me while I showered and dressed. I actually wondered “why haven’t I done this before?” I listen to music when I shower but I never thought to listen to biblical teachings during that time.

Anyway, that’s just to encourage y’all to think outside the box when it comes to your Spiritual food. Too often I’m stuck in the “morning/couch/journal/bible/coffee” box. Who’s with me?? Well I’m busting out of the box y’all and in the shower I go!

I love when my only intention is to post a link and then bam, hows that story for ya? And if the “tenses” get confusing, (past tense, pretense, what day is it tense?!?) it’s because I rarely write a post in one sitting. I probably attempted this 15 times before it was finished so bottom line, it might not make sense/tense. Feel me? :-/

If the Spirit is tugging on your heart and you are thinking “what on earth would be so good to continue listening to while she showers?” I say check it out! It’s God that is that good and he will not disappoint you. 🙂

John Piper: Make your mouth a means of grace

And to go along with that teaching is a song. Maybe you’ve heard it. But it took on new meaning for me after I heard that sermon.

Hawk Nelson: Words


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