Week 1 at a glimpse

It’s been 1 week and 1 day since our little gal came to us. I can’t put her name on here. I need to think of something creative to call her and our future foster children. “#1” sounds so cold. Anyway, she is quite an amazing little girl. I know God had her for us and us for her during this difficult time. She fits right in. She is so bright, so happy. Things truly are going well in regards to her. She is not an inconvenience or a problem in any way, she is simply a delight. I’m not exaggerating. I mean yeah she’s 2 and today at the pool she tested some boundaries but she can be reasoned with and learns quickly.

She also sleeps great, which is a huge blessing for this momma. 🙂

Tonight I was taking water to the girls upstairs and the baby gate was locked so I called for them to come get it. They were playing and not really listening but that sweet gal came bouncing out “what mom?” (Yes she calls me mom and mommy and Jason daddy but also Steve from blues clues is daddy so… ??:-/ ) in such an innocent inquisitive manner. I asked her “can you get Ryann?” And she grabbed the drink and called “Wyann, dwink! Here!” Then she came back to deliver Micaila’s. 🙂

She picks up her toys when asked, she brushes her teeth, she listens super good in public, she just is incredible.

She’s eating cereal right now. She spilt a little milk and grabbed the scrub brush from the sink immediately and started to “clean”. I mean seriously? She is 2! This isn’t the first time she has taken the initiative and attempted cleaning her mess.

I can’t help but smile at her. Even when it’s 5 o’clock “the witching hour” our house is a disaster, I have no plan for dinner, and by worldly standards we just might be “falling apart”, she laughs with the girls and baby boy and they dance to the Watchkins on an old cassette player.

She really is special.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 at a glimpse

  1. What a blessing, Katie. It’s just like God is saying…” You’re on the right track with this foster parenting and to underscore that fact I’m sending you “Miss Amiable” as your first foster child. What a good and gracious, Heavenly Father we have!

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