Final visit!

Well, after getting home last night I emailed the gal with Faithbridge and told her we were ready to wrap this home study up. We have had a lot going on the last few weeks and even though I completely trust Gods timing I can also see where it’d be easy for satan to sneak in and tell us “not yet, finish this first.” or “wait till this is over.” We needed the R&R last week, no doubt. But I didn’t want to pro long our home study any further once we were home.

She came this morning! I had a LOT of cleaning to do last night.

My fellow cat lovers, does your cat shed like a maniac when you leave town??? Good gravy, I filled up our Dyson (in one cleaning) for the first time ever vacuuming all Marley’s hair. I don’t know why but she seems to shed twice as much when we’re gone. Maybe I just don’t notice but in my crazy mind I think it’s a by-product of her missing us so much. Yeah, you can call me crazy.

Anyway, our Faithbridge lady came and basically by the end of our visit eluded to the possibility of getting a call tomorrow.

Wowza!! This presents all kinds of very REAL emotions. But honestly before I give into any feelings which can be so unstable, I am opting for a more secure foundation in seeking my Rock and my Redeemer. The One that has blessed us richly through infinite love, that surpasses all understanding and human comprehension. My God, my Heavenly Father, my Savior, He has given me life and has allowed our family to partner with him and care for orphans right here in our home. Say no more feelings, I know in who I trust.

There are SO MANY scriptures on trusting God and how he is so worthy to be trusted. I could probably sit here all night quoting the Bible on the topic. But for sleeps sake I have narrowed it down to one,….

Psalm 37:5 Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.


2 thoughts on “Final visit!

  1. Congratulations on wrapping up this process! Oh how I long for the process to be over for us, lol! I’m saying a prayer for you! Remember that He keeps in PERFECT peace all whose minds are stayed on Him. You do your part, keeping your mind only on Him and he will do his part! So excited for what God has in store for your precious family in this next season of your life!

  2. Congrats, Kate! God WILL be with you on the good days (yes, this is totally what I was made for) and the bad days (what the heck was I thinking????). And the totally awesome thing is, He will teach you through both!

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