The one-piece challenge

Some time last week my dad forwarded me a video to watch. We are always sharing blogs, sermons, interviews, anything that is thought provoking and will possibly cause us to dig deeper with specific topics ect. One thing that I value in my parents is they will share information with me but never in a forceful, “you should conform to this model” kind of way. Or maybe that’s just the beauty of our relationship. We can present ideas without getting offended or being offensive. Anyway, he sent me this and said “Interesting points to consider, especially when raising girls.”

I encourage you to watch it, because it was in fact very interesting.

Jessica Rey Swimwear Video

Before seeing this though I felt like God was revealing to me some things along the same lines but not exclusively to swimwear. However after seeing it I thought “ya know, if I want my girls to be comfortable and confident with themselves no matter what they are wearing I really should start with leading by example.” Now mind you I haven’t thrown away all my two pieces and I don’t judge others for wearing bikinis. I think at the end of the day I want one piece swimwear to be just as trendy and acceptable as two pieces. I want people who decide to wear one pieces to not feel ostracized by the rest of the population bc “it’s over the top” or “weird”. Growing up as a teenager that’s how it was viewed and back then you only wore a one piece if you were a competitive swimmer, other wise you were a legalistic weirdo. It’s just not about that. If I’m confident with who I am (and especially in Christ) I think that can be expressed by what I wear. But sometimes it’s hard to do something different and go against the grain. My insecurities will creep in at points and I can see this could be especially true for our young impressionable girls who want to be accepted and liked. And fashion is a BIG deal.

So here’s my thought. I’m still young y’all. Despite that I’ve been married 7 years and have 3 kids I’m only 26 and get told often that I look like a high schooler. So if I’m at a pool or the beach sporting a cute one piece and a young girl sees it and is like “wow, that’s just as cute (if not cuter) than my bikini.” I mean some times all it takes for us women is to see someone else doing it, wearing it, and presenting it as “cool” and “acceptable”. I know for me when I see someone trying out a new thing that I didn’t have the courage to do myself I’m like “oh well if they can do it I can too!”

We’re human! Sometimes vain and insecure lets just be real! But it sure makes it easy to not feel like a “freaky Christian over protective modesty obsessive mom” when wearing a one piece is actually just as cool. Lets band together and bring it back! I’m not saying my girls won’t be allowed to wear 2 pieces but when the time comes it’d be nice if it wasn’t an issue because the one piece or more modest choices of swim wear were equally acceptable. (Outside of clothing options I should be doing my part in instilling in my girls to protect and reserve all that God created for their husband and their marriage.) But it’d be foolish of me to think that what I wear in public doesn’t effect my instructions to them.

Okay so here is my experience with the one piece.

I went to marshalls because I knew a quality well made tankini or one piece was gonna be my best bet. I hadn’t tried one on in years so I tried on a bunch! Word of encouragement: Don’t just write it off before you’ve tried one on. I almost did this. No,….I have done this. In my mind, I had plenty of reasons for why I didn’t think it’d work for me but until I tried some on I really didn’t know for sure. Basically “don’t knock it till you try it.” I was surprised out how flattering it really was.

I was concerned at what my husband would think. Lets face it he’s a man, I’m his wife…. Of course he digs me in a bikini. Before I told him or revealed to him my new purchase I prayed for him. Then I showed him the video. Then the suit. He actually thinks its adorable.

So then came time to actually wear it on our beach trip. A lot of things crossed my mind but one major concern was comfort. “Am I going to be sweating my butt off with all this extra material?” Because its all about being comfortable right? (No actually we’re continually told to deny ourselves but that’s another post for another day.) And I can now tell you an excited no! I was not hot at all. In fact I may have been cooler because the suit remained a little damp in the mid section. Truly, in terms of being comfortable in this suit, I was MORE comfortable than I ever feel in a bikini. Maybe it’s just me but I am always self conscious in a two piece. I worry about things coming out or parts showing or not being positioned right or whatever…. Honestly, unless I am just with my husband (hmm??) I really have a hard time turning my brain off from all the mortifying possibilities. I am not making this up y’all. So in my new suit with the cute little skirt and extra coverage it really was freeing! I could do a cartwheel if I wanted and confidently know I wouldn’t horrify someone with indecent exposure. Not to mention I wasn’t shutting any brains down! (You have to watch the video if you don’t get that 😉 ) and I don’t know about you but being a woman sometimes we feel insecure and inferior with each other. Have you ever been at the beach or pool and felt a little resentful towards another girl for being more in shape or just more youthful even and she has her cute teeny bikini and you’re like “awesome! Thanks for making me feel less desirable to my husband here.” If you’re young you probably haven’t felt this, (actually you’re probably “that girl” lol!) wait till you’re married, have a few kids, and are aware of the rapid nature of the aging process. Because than, when you see a woman dressed modestly or in swim wear that’s more modest you have this silent respect for them. Its like “thank you for that!”

Anyway, it’s certainly NOT okay to judge others and we shouldn’t FEEL that way in those situations but again we are human and it does happen. Just something to consider, pray about, and be mindful of. Like I said earlier I haven’t trashed all my bikinis here I’m just working through some thoughts and trying to be sensitive to those around me.

So in conclusion I give the one piece a definite 5 stars!

The one piece is back y’all! 😉

Challenge accepted.




One thought on “The one-piece challenge

  1. I actually shared this on my facebook page a week or two ago because I feel really strongly about this subject. As a teenager, I was guilty of not taking modesty seriously. We would have debates about this subject in youth group and I was the young lady saying that if men were having trouble with something I was wearing that they needed to avert their eyes and take responsibility because it wasn’t my problem. One time, I even avoided a youth group beach trip because one pieces were required and went to the beach that day with my school friends instead so I could wear my two piece. It breaks my heart to think about the attitude I had back then. Over the years I’ve realized how prideful and unloving that attitude was. If I REALLY love my brother in Christ, I want to not cause him to fall. If I respect the body that God gave me, I will treat it like the temple it is. So last summer I went out and fun a one piece, too! And I agree with you, it is SO freeing! And WAY more comfy than a bikini! My old youth pastor would be proud, lol! Love you bathing suit, and am hoping it continues to catch on….because it would be AWESOME if one pieces were “cool” when my girls are teens!

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