S-U-R-G-E, Lets go Surge!

Let’s try this again.

You may have noticed that I “posted” a blog and it was super short and quickly disappeared. Total accident. I don’t know how I ended up “publishing” it before I was done but I did.

A few blogs ago I posted about serving others, being available, and how God was giving me opportunities to become more like him in the area of servant-hood. This has continued and intensified. But in a good way. 🙂 After watching the boys for over a week and flying home to be with family after Grandmother passed away, I had the privilege of jumping into Surge, our churches version of VBS. It is a week-long evening sports and arts camp. Some how, without dropping names 😉 I was convinced to help with Cheer-leading. I assumed that I’d just be a little helper, not really needing to have personal experience with cheering.

What a ridiculous assumption.

Upon arriving at Surge Nicole and I were made aware that the “coach” for chants and cheers was unable to participate for the week and they needed us to lead the girls.

Umm what?

We literally had no plan. None. Nunzo plan-o.  And there wasn’t like a “master plan”  to speak of.

We’re finished. These poor girls.

I started to sweat and freak out a little in my head. Lets face it. 6 year olds are intimidating. As are 7,8,9,10, and 11 year olds.  Girls. Girls are intimidating y’all, I don’t care what age. You’re 6 I’m 26, whatever, you still make me feel like I’m back in school wanting approval and admiration.

Did I mention yet that I have absolutely NO cheer-leading in my background except when I DIDN’T make the squad in middle school. Talk about bitter feelings rising. Poor Nicole had to show me how to bounce, clap, and smile all at the same time. Not only did she have to teach a bunch of elementary girls but she had to instruct her partner as well. Sorry Nikki. You are the bomb.

So we had 15 minutes to come up with something.

Google, YouTube, y’all rock.

Nicole pulled a couple chants out of her pocket because thankfully she DID make the squad and had cheered in high school. But lets face it, even as youthful as Nicole is it’s still been a little awhile 😉 We don’t know all the “new” stuff. Whatever, we’re at a disadvantage here.

We really were slightly amused by this whole scenario. I mean it is definitely hysterical to think that they put someone like me in charge of teaching girls how to cheer. Thank goodness I had Nicole.

Let me speed this story up though otherwise we’ll be here all night. To give you an idea of how things were going, by Wednesday we had cheer-leading bows in our hair….. you know, compensating the lack of cheering ability with spirit. The girls LOVED it. There are few compliments quite at awesome as an eight year old telling you “I like your hair!” We got spirit yes we do! Not only that but the lady who heads up the whole Cheer-leading division of Surge was just ecstatic over how WELL we were doing with the girls. I mean, she just thought we were amazing. She couldn’t believe I had never cheered (guess it was hidden deep within. Darn you Pine View for never allowing me to spread my cheer wings!) and she was amazed that we came up with all our material in a matter of hours. She wants it printed out! That is if she can’t have us next year. What a compliment! And I can not tell you how faithful God was to reveal himself at work. Those girls,…. 😉  they were a delight to work with. I saw one at Chickfila and she was thrilled to see me (and I her!) I mean it’s just so sweet to know you are making little eternal deposits in lives of our young ones. That is where it’s at y’all. I don’t care how frantic or nervous or unplanned it was, we trusted and HE prevailed! It was totally worth every minute!

I also got asked if I went to High School where we were holding Surge. Thank you my sweet little cheer ladies!

Okay so, obviously Surge was awesome. I share that story to encourage y’all to just get in anywhere you can serve. It really does bless you. The more I serve the more I WANT to. I have found myself just thinking about it all the time. Thinking about “What can I do for someone else?” Whether it’s my husband, family, friends, or strangers, serving others is gratifying in a way that serving yourself never will be. It’s true that the more I sew to the Spirit the more I desire the things of the Spirit.

Anyway, let me give you a quick update on where we’re at in our Faithbridge process. We had 2 home visits with 1 to go. We will have this last 1 when we return from our restful vacation that we are on right now. Truly we are abundantly blessed and don’t deserve it but oh Lord how we thank you for these awesome gifts.

Love all of you! And now I am going to enjoy my family and this opportunity to be at the beach God has provided us.

Thankful to the Giver of all things.




One thought on “S-U-R-G-E, Lets go Surge!

  1. Oohhhhhh, k k k Katie! You so make me laugh and a merry heart is a good thing! It is so true, with God it is all about
    A.V.A.I.L.A.B.I.L.I.T.Y! not ability!

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