It is well with my soul

My Grandma White passed away.

20130615-154642.jpg This was taken about a month ago, so glad I have this beautiful picture of her.

She was such a beautiful lady

My dads mom, Helen Virginia White lived till she was 92. We knew it was getting close, her health had really been deteriorating the last year. A couple months ago they found cancer in her hip and it rapidly spread. She was ready to go home. She told my dad that she just wanted to see Jesus.

I want to precede this with, I could never have enough time to share everything that was so wonderful about my grandma. As I was writing this and proofing it every time I would think of one more memory or quality or characteristic that was so defining of my grandmother. She was an amazing woman and impacted my life greatly.

My grandmother and I were very close. I was her only grand daughter and she really doted on me, to say the least. If we’re all being honest I was the favorite. I mean, after 4 sons, and 4 grandsons, a grand daughter comes along, it only makes sense that she favored me. 😉

20130614-180228.jpgSome of my fondest child hood memories are with her. My brothers and I were at our grandparents house a lot. We loved going there! When I was young I just remember getting excited to watch Nickelodeon because they had cable! And of course they always took us for ice cream at Bo’s and donuts at Krispy Cream.

My grandmother and I had a lot of one on one adventures though. We spent a lot of time sewing together.

20130614-084031.jpgFirst it started with clothing for my dolls and then it graduated to clothing for me. We made some really sweet vests and some even more awesome costumes. In 5th grade she made me a really cute poodle skirt.

20130614-084110.jpgHad it not been for my grandma I would never have realized my dream of being Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know, for those in my generation, I am sure you are laughing hysterically.


My grandma used to take me everywhere. I went to Mississippi with her and grandpa. She would take me on some of her home health care visits. Which was, at points, kind of scary for me. She also took me and we’d get our nails done. I was in 4th grade and had acrylic nails with some fancy airbrush designs. And if you think that was too much, grandma also took me to get my belly button pierced! Grandma just did not get wrapped up in what people thought. And if you know me even a little, you know it was good for me to spend time with this strong decisive woman.

Our other favorite past time was going to the movies. Now here’s where Helen may or may not have used appropriate judgement in terms of flick pick. We’ll just chalk it all up to the simple fact that she knew I was mature for my age. 😉 Grandmother and I both had big crushes on Leonardo Dicaprio. We saw Titanic 4 times together in the theater.

Found this cassette in her drawer at the house, pretty much awesome.

Our crush did not stop after that. No, we HAD to see every Dicaprio movie that preceded it. We saw a number of other Oscar winners. I say that with complete sarcasm. Anyone familiar with “There’s Something about Mary” and “O”? Completely appropriate for a 12 year old. Again, grandma recognized my advanced maturity lol.

Grandma and I just had a really special relationship that was built around mutual respect, esteem, and trust. We both thought highly of each other and enjoyed each others company. I know that some of the better qualities I possess are a direct result of spending so much time with her.

She was an incredibly strong and beautiful woman. She was so smart and sharp. She was also firm and unwavering in what she believed. She loved Jesus and believed and trusted His Word. I am glad to have had so many wonderful years with her that I will always cherish. Grandma taught me a lot of things, a lot of good things. But the greatest thing I have taken from all our adventures together is how to love people through spending quality time with them. It’s a big sacrifice to give your time and Grandma gave me more than enough. I love her so much and am grateful for all the love she poured into me.

On the way to her service the Third Day song played Cry Out to Jesus. The lyrics really resonate in moments of grief or sadness. These lyrics specifically met me where I was this morning.

To everyone who’s lost someone they love….
There is hope for the helpless
Rest for the weary
Love for the broken heart
There is grace and forgiveness
Mercy and healing
He’ll meet you wherever you are
Cry out to Jesus, Cry out to Jesus

Thank you God for hope. I personally have such an amazing amount of peace about her death because I know “to be away from the body is to be present with the Lord”.(2 Corinthians 5) Praying for all our family that they would find comfort and hope in our Loving God. Grandma knew where she was heading, to be home with her King. She was ready. Can’t wait to be with you again, rejoicing together with our Creator and Savior.



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