Faithbridge update

Recently I’ve noticed that I feel more pressure when blogging. Not bad pressure. Pressure may not even be the right word. Just that when I go to write a post I want it to be completely led by the Holy Spirit. I just want the words written here to speak His Truth and Love. Whether they offer conviction, inspiration, or encouragement, He is the One worthy of all praise. This blog is not about gaining followers or compliments or adoration, because as I’m sure I’ve said before, any accomplishments or good that comes from me is from the fullness of His grace. It is Him within me that is GOOD. So if I could ask y’all to just pray that this blog would represent Jesus. I pray over every post nowadays because I just deeply want every part of my life, even this little blog, to reflect His love.

So with that said I bring you an update on our Faithbridge process. We are making headway so that’s good news. I have to admit it is taking more time than I had hoped but it’s okay because it’s not on my time-table it’s on His. So far we have ALL had our physical done and praise the Lord we are all healthy! We passed all the necessary testing, we have been fingerprinted, we have filled out and read through all 57 pages of the application, we’ve made our referrals, (Thank you referrals!!!). At this point what we are waiting on is a few forms notarized, rabies vaccine for Jake and Marley (those would be our pets 😉 ) Caleb’s birth certificate, and then we can have our first (of three) home study visit. I really was not expecting it to be this drawn out but the appointments, the costs involved, I had an unrealistic idea of being able to accomplish all this within the time frame I had in mind. I’m trying to coordinate in my head “Marley and Jake to the vet. Together? No, definitely not. A 110 pound dog and a cat with claws…..yeah definitely separate appointments.” Anyway, it just has required a lot more planning and not that I have minded one single bit I just so was wishing we’d have 1 or 2 kiddos in our care by now. But like I said, His. Perfect. Timing. 🙂 I’m so glad he’s in control, really. Just giving you the reality of it. I would encourage anyone that is considering Foster Parenting to get your list of requirements ASAP and start getting them done. We were told that, lol. I looked at the list and thought “Ah that’s no big deal! Wont take any time at all.”

I had shared in my initial “announcement” that I wanted to tell more about how we came into contact with Faithbridge. There is a really awesome gal here that our cousins Scott and Nicole know. Her name is Courtney. She has 6 children. 2 biological, 2 that were private adoptions, and 2 that were fostered first and then adopted. She runs an adoption consulting agency and their family is living out the call to care for orphans. I knew when I heard about her I wanted to meet her and I did! Before we had Caleb I chatted with her about our own desires to adopt and she shared with me more about their journey. Well than something “ironic” happened. And when I say ironic I mean God orchestrated because I don’t believe in irony and coincidence. It’s all God! Jason’s business was getting started and he handed out flyers in Courtney’s neighborhood. Guess who needs a bi-weekly? If anyone deserves a cleaning service it’s this amazing woman! So Jason starts cleaning her house every 2 weeks. Now, Jason has always had the desire along with me to adopt but I’m far more gung-ho when it comes to stuff like this. So his exposure to Courtney and her family was definitely a God thing. Time passes, we have Caleb, and then back a few months ago Nicole tells us her and Scott are attending a Faithbridge orientation at Courtney’s house. Scott and Nicole are passionate about respite, this is also a God thing because who would be better respite for us than our totally awesome cousins down the street?! So I tell Jason, not really expecting much of a reaction because we have this new baby and all but he said “Sign us up.” So here we are now, right where God wants us and I know that because we are in it together, with an equal amount of desire to follow wherever He leads.

Continue to pray for the process. Continue to pray for the foster children. I’ve been praying over whomever the Lord brings to us first. That, not only, Jason and I be able to embrace them and love them but that our kids would, too, and our extended family and friends. And also that we would have an overwhelming amount of compassion and love for the parents of these children. That God would prepare our hearts, filling us with grace and mercy to shower on these families. No matter what they’ve done or are going through ultimately it boils down to the fact that they need to know Jesus and experience His love and the freedom He offers through relationship with Him. Pray that we as foster parents would not forget that. Pray we would not forget the grace He has given us therefore it should compel us to extend that grace to others.

Thank you so much! I know we have a faithful, diligent group of prayer warriors out there. We are eternally grateful for every prayer spoken on our behalf.



One thought on “Faithbridge update

  1. Thanks for the update, Kate and the specific prayer requests. Both are extremely helpful! Love you and as always so proud of you and Jason!

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