Passion Week Wednesday!


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a really great week and that the Lord is blessing and moving on your hearts as we prepare for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I got to be honest, this week has been filled with joy in our home as I’ve been doing a lot of Easter centered things with the girls.

First let me share with you a couple of sources that I have obtained all these ideas. I’m not real “original” but I’m getting better at executing others shared thoughts. Yay!

All the activities I have been doing I retrieved from another blog ministry that I follow called The Alabaster Jar. I encourage any of you ladies to wander over there sometime because this woman, Jolene, is so genuine in her faith and extremely encouraging and honest in her posts. I really enjoy reading her blog. And she has lots of great stuff to instill Gods love in our children!

The other major component in our. pre-Easter, week is this completely awesome children’s Bible, Jesus Story Book Bible. We actually have been reading through it since my sweet friend Kaitlyn bought it for the kids around Christmas time however we have skipped forward to be reading about Jesus life, death and resurrection. If you have children and don’t have this book I am telling you, you have to get it. It’s so good! Sometimes I think I learn more from it than anyone else! It goes through the Bible, Old to New Testament, including all the major stories, and it always wraps up each story with how it relates to Jesus coming and rescuing us. It’s simple and yet so powerful and the girls love hearing me read it.


Check out that sweet book mark Ryann made me at church. Yes He is!


A fun easy project for the artist. I can’t believe I didn’t take an after photo because it did turn out pretty cute.

P3230215 P3230219

Micaila being a good big sister and helper. Often I’ll be doing something and Caleb will start getting bored and fussy and on her own initiative Micaila will go hold him for me.


Okay so this was super fun and easy too! Actually they all were, precisely why I liked them! The Empty Tomb, He is Risen! We did this Monday morning. Everything you need is pictured, directions here and it was extremely simple for the girls to assemble themselves. Big thumbs up!

P3260262 P3260263 P3260265 P3260275

After the fact I thought, “Should have used darker font color!” Oh well, “He is RISEN!”


Here we are doing the Resurrection Rolls. And beware, they are really yummy and you might eat the whole can of crescents in one sitting,….. maybe we did, maybe we didn’t. 😉 Directions here. And I coated the crescents with extra of the melted butter sugar mixture. :-/

P3270295 P3270301 P3270303

Not only has it been a lot of fun doing all these activities but it’s been so cool because the girls, Micaila especially, are really getting Easter and why we celebrate it. Y’all know how I feel about the bunny and baskets. We did our “Welcome Spring” and let them dye eggs. But doing this leading into Easter and reinforcing what Jesus did for us has been so gratifying. Micaila doesn’t want me to put the Bible down! Now that is something to be excited about!

And not only have we been immersed in His story and explaining through these activities, Jason has been basically having a Hillsong concert every evening when he gets home, blasting the worship music through out the house. Check out some of their songs, get wrapped up in why we will be celebrating this weekend.

lyrics from I Surrender by Hillsong

Like a rushing wind
Jesus breathe within
Lord have Your way
Lord have Your way in me

Like a mighty storm
Stir within my soul
Lord have Your way
Lord have Your way in me


2 thoughts on “Passion Week Wednesday!

  1. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for sharing about my ministry. May it draw God’s daughters closer to Him! Oh how neat is was to see the pics of your little ones celebrating Easter. It brings back memories of what I did with my boys! And isn’t it interesting how when you shepherd your children to Jesus by doing these projects that you feel closer to Christ too?
    Have a blessed Passion Week!

    • Oh you are SO welcome. I enjoy reading from you so much. Thank you for always being so true to what the Holy Spirit prompts you to do and write. You have blessed and encouraged me as a wife and mom and I know from sharing some of your posts via email that your ministry has blessed other women I know. God is evident in your writings, thank you for them! 🙂

      And thanks for taking time to comment here. Have a great Easter weekend celebrating our risen Savior!

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