Not a baker

I’ll be real honest with you. I am not a baker. I like to eat baked goods but I am not the one who should be making them. Our cookie baking experiences usually consist of a toll house cookie pack that I pull off the paper and set onto the baking sheet. Done.

I bought a package of Red Velvet cake mix that has a cookie recipe on the side of it. I thought red cookies for Valentines day would be cute for the girls to eat. I also bought a heart cookie cutter.

Because I’m not a baker I don’t think like one. Even my best effort, to read at least half the directions, ends up biting me in the end because inevitably I have already screwed something up by the time I get to the second half.

I go to mix these cookies up, how hard could it be right? “Add ingredients mix by hand…..” Naturally I dive right in. I start to wonder “why on earth would they have you do this by hand?” I mean it is sticky and red and EVERYWHERE and worse yet it will not come off my hands. I really was ready to write Duncan Hines and tell them “what a horrible suggestion, mix by hand?! Why not use a spoon?!” And then it dawns on me. Folks I’m a little slow but generally I get there…..eventually. “By hand” is with a spoon. Doh! 😉 so I start to scrape this mess off with a fork and try to salvage some of my ingredients. (If I could have handled my phone I would have loved to have captured that moment when my hands looked like a bloody red velvet cake mess!) Finally I was able to see some dough ball together.

I get all my little balls ready and then I thought I need to try the heart cutter! So I mash out some separate dough and cut those out. “Oh they will be so cute!” I thought……


Like I said…..

Not a baker. 😉


8 thoughts on “Not a baker

  1. I love it! People are going to think I never let you near the kitchen! Actually, I do love the little 2 connected hearts!
    After all that….how did they taste?

  2. Kate, I have to tell you something. I don’t think I could have been so honest. I commend you for that & for also making us laugh. We all needed that. Not at you but with you. Emily said she will be glad to come down & give you some baking lessons.

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