For the memory books

First I want to precede this post. The following is yet another story, occasion, event that I want to document because I really enjoy remembering them and all the silly details and this is one of the reasons I blog. So basically, you may not find this interesting but I’m okay with that. 🙂

So Jason left Saturday morning for Florida. He and his dad went to the Miami-Laker game. #spoiled. Hehe, just kidding….. But come on, lets be real! Anyway, I received these gems on Saturday evening.

For all the mature eyes out there, it’s not Caleb. I mean y’all knew that though right? 🙂

I’m not gonna lie, I used to be real jealous when I’d run across photos of Jason that clearly proved Micaila resembled him. But now, I don’t know why it is or what has changed (gosh I’m maturing so much pff, no!) but I really delight in seeing how alike Caleb is to Jason. I guess it’s okay with me because he’s a boy. (I mean who’d want their boy to look like a girl right?)

Anyway, setting that aside lets address the obvious reason that I’m blogging yet again. Jason is gone. Boohoo. Last night I had company and the first slumber party I’ve had in like 12 years. But tonight, I’m just paranoid. I know I have talked about this before. If you recall, I blogged about the first night (EVER!) that I was forced to sleep alone because Jason was caught in an ice storm 2 years ago. Y’all I am a BIG BABY! In fact I imagine every light will stay on ALL night (jay will be REAL happy bout that one) and every door including the one to my bedroom will be locked with some sort of baracade in front of it. Completely necessary. (Be quiet, it is!)

But for now I will stay awake as long as my lids will allow and share these sweet photos I took at the park. Oh but first let me tell you a funny story of just how I acquired such precious photos. It was gorgeous yesterday, because winter in Georgia, with the exception of our first year, is a lot of RAIN. But yesterday was sunny and beautiful so of course I thought “we need to capitalize on this weather because it will probably rain tomorrow!” (Which it did by the way) So I packed a cooler and loaded Caleb up in the stroller and the girls wanted to ride their bikes and we headed to the park. However it’s down hill to the park and the first hill is the biggest so Ryann who’s not quite as experienced was a little concerned to just go for it. As she should be! After going through the whole “roll, BRAKE! roll, BRAKE! roll BRAKE!” We finally made it to mostly level ground and she was able to coast for a bit. Then there’s another big hill UP to the park. Her legs must be sore because she did pretty good peddling and pushing. (And that girl could use the muscle, poor little chicken legs) 😉 so we played, ate, and enjoyed the sun. Even met a new little friend. Here’s some pictures.









20130211-000019.jpgSo when we finished playing we packed up all our gear and headed home. We went down the hill from the park, same deal, “roll BRAKE! roll BRAKE!” Then we cruised for like 47 seconds and it starts going UP hill. Micaila does great, she’s totally got it. Ryann is like “I can do it mommy!” And then soon “my legs are tired mommy.” So here I’ve got Caleb in the stroller and I’m pulling Ryann on her bike, up a pretty sweet hill. Meanwhile Micaila has hopped off her bike and is like “forget it, I’m gonna have to push the rest of the way!” (Thank goodness she’s bound and determined otherwise we would have lost a bike, or a child….) We finally made it to the top and well, all I’m saying is these kids are the soul reason I’m in shape! Hehe! But really it was a great little trip to the park and I just get so excited when I get good pictures on my camera. It can be quite challenging capturing those “great shots” when you have 3 kids and I’m learning if you don’t plan for it they usually turn out a bajillion times better.

I’ll be honest, Caleb is pretty cute and easy to photograph. Love photographing babies.


One thought on “For the memory books

  1. Aghhhhhg! I have been slacking on your blogs! Caleb is just so handsome!!! I miss those gorgeous girls too!! Hope to see you this week and get my Katie fill 😉

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