Little man


Dear Time,

Please slow down.


Me and probably every mom on the planet

Caleb is 7 months old already. And the time with him has been so sweet.

What are you doing right now little guy??? I know, I’ve been a total slacker on the mile stones. Not to worry, I have been keeping track of it in your baby book. (That’s a first!)

Right now, as of 2 days ago actually, your first tooth is coming through! I feel like you are behind your sisters with the teeth but I don’t actually know because I never wrote it down! Sorry girls.

You have gotten really good at sitting up which makes play time a little more interesting. You love holding and grabbing e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. This clearly is the age I start considering chopping all my hair off. You are now very good at finding and putting your paci in your mouth. Man you really like that thing!

You have perfected your skill of blowing raspberry’s and spit bubbles. Yum. And you babble all kinds of baby stuff including da-da. I admit, I really wanted momma to come first, and it was not from lack of trying. We did try. I tried! But daddy must have been sneaking around when mommy wasn’t there and teaching you his name. Who could be upset though at you forming some of your first words. I’ll let it slide. 😉

You are developing a very charming personality. You smile, a lot. Winning the hearts of probably every lady that meets you. Something about a little boys smile that gets us. However, you are a human like the rest of us and revealed your ability to have a temper. Specifically when it comes to being fed. (You really like to eat!) Though you are mostly a very happy baby, when you do cry, you have no problem letting the world know you’re upset. I’m curious how this will look in about a year.

Caleb you have brought new joy and laughter into our home. You have turned your sisters into little mommies and they just love you so much. Your daddy is so proud of his little man that looks just like him and every one that knows you just loves you to pieces. ImageImage


2 thoughts on “Little man

  1. So sweet, our little man! So amazing to think that you & Jason have the responsibility and pleasure of training him to go from being “little man” to “great man of God”! What a awesome and overwhelming task that will require a lot of patience, wisdom and a tremendous amount of prayer! Count on me & dad for the extra prayer!

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