Sleep precious sleep

Praising the Lord for my sweet parents. My mom and my dad promptly came up here when I called them on the way to the emergency room on Sunday. And even though they didn’t keep Micaila overnight, after the week we had, I was needing my mommy. Since Micaila had developed her rash we really haven’t gotten much sleep around here. And if you’re a mom you know how important sleep is.

We had been letting Micaila sleep on the floor in our room and for the last week or so she has woken up crying, talking, (“I dont want to eat it!” obviously having nightmares of me force feeding her) her legs hurting. When you go over a week having someone interrupt your sleep every hour you start to lose your grip.

For example: The night before last I was rounding everyone up for bed. It was time for Micaila’s steroid so I got that and had a glass of water in hand. I’m walking out of the kitchen on my way to Micaila and what do I do? Well naturally I took the pill!!! What else do you do with water and a pill?? As soon as I took it I thought “What did I just do! I didn’t need to take a pill!!” and proceeded to tell my parents what I had done. Of course we started laughing hysterically at how absent minded I obviously was. And once we were done laughing I started looking at the drug facts making sure it wasn’t going to hurt Caleb or ME! I suppose a childs dosing wont hurt an adult. We’re all fine. 🙂

Since it was clear at this point that I needed to have a FULL nights rest my mother took both girls with her last night so Jason and I could sleep. (And fortunately Caleb cooperated, too.) And sleep we did. Thank you mommy! You’re a life saver.

Micaila slept better in her bed as well. She is doing great right now while on the steroids. She took her last dose this morning (last dose thanks to me!) so we will see how she does with out them. We are trying to re-establish some normalcy and discipline. Today we’ll do a little bit of school. Bible and reading the two most important subjects 😉 . Trying to keep order has proved to be a challenge. You get so wrapped up in the child that is sick and it’s easy to lose the order and discipline you had as a family. So while we want to be sympathetic and patient with Micaila, we do NOT want her to begin thinking the world revolves around her and that she can do whatever she wants if she turns on the tears. (which she very obviously showed me last night she could do.)

Again, thank you for your prayers. Both for Micaila and the sleep we all need!

From the book “Praying in the Word of God”:

Gracious Father,

Give us endurance, encouragement, and unity as we follow Christ, so that with one heart and mouth we may glorify you. (Romans 15:5,6)



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